Notice from Ministry of Gender

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Several media platforms including social media have of late carried opinions that misrepresent the circumstances of Ugandans placed into employment abroad by recruitment companies. Some commentators have even gone to the extent of referring to recruitment agencies and the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development as agents of modern day slavery.

Falsehoods never build a nation. I, therefore, wish on behalf of the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development that regulates external recruitment companies to offer clarification on a number of issues.

Migration is as old as the history of mankind and all of us are products of some form of migration. Indeed Ugandans have for over five decades travelled abroad for work. Some have travelled on their own, while others were facilitated by private unlicensed brokers. However, the interest of unlicensed private brokers has always been money at any cost and as a result, they often fleeced "clients". Furthermore, these unlicensed brokers largely do not place individuals into any specific job but merely aid individuals to go to a country where they would find work by themselves. This form of placement of workers abroad was and remains unsafe. However, in the absence of a formal safe and regular pathway for placing people aboard, this risky form of placement would remain the only way out to individuals who have made a choice to seek work abroad.