Create fun at home with swings

By Victoria Nampala

"One can beautify a compound with a swing though the space of the compound must be thought about before it is installed there."

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Swings are meant for entertaining children at children play centers and school during break times however; they can be incorporated in homes.
Junior Ben Mitala from Mitala Classic compound designs located at 6th street in Kampala says people want different unique features in their homes.
He adds that, some of the features are copied from foreign countries and incorporated here in Uganda with the available few but expensive materials but it all depends on the type of swing that can accommodate both adults and children.
"One can beautify a compound with a swing though the space of the compound must be thought about before it is installed there. Safety measures are key in compound designing," says Mitala.


Types of swings
Swings come in different shapes and sizes thus the varying price respectively.
Peter Wasswa, a construction expert says Porch swings are some of the types and are more of a piece of furniture and rarely for children, and are in form of bench swings that hang from the roof of a house.
Porch swings
These are swings that are designed to hang from the ceiling and they usually have two or three seats. They can have cushions but the most luxurious ones have wing beds which make them very appropriate for resting at any time of the day.
The toddler swings are another type and can be found as a part of a playground set or hanging from their own separate frame. Depending on the intended use and the age of the child, toddler swings can come in indoor and outdoor varieties.
Tree swings
Tree swings include any material used to hang a swing seat from a strong branch of a tree. They are hung by tying a rope to a tree branch with a tyre, or other strong device, acting as a seat.
These can either be bought or locally made. The manufactured ones usually come in different designs, sizes and colors. They are usually locally-made swings and are usually metallic; therefore ensure that there is no sharp protruding part, which may hurt the child.
For purposes of comfort, something for sitting is then tied onto the end of the rope such as an old tyre or a piece of wood.
  preschool teacher helps out the children as they play with the swings hoto by ictoria ampala A pre-school teacher helps out the children as they play with the swings (Photo by Victoria Nampala)


Elemia Male a welder says swings range from sh50, 000 and sh1, 000,000 depending on the type you are going to buy.
Playground swings
Swings have long been a playground staple and they continue to offer hours of fun and physical activity for children of all ages.
Children and adults have enjoyed the pure, fun sensation of flight playground swings offered at children play centers.
Playground swings are typically hung by exposed or covered chains, with seats made out of a variety of materials including wood, metal, plastic, canvas, or rubber.
Safety measures on swings
Batte Ronald, a landscape designer says it is important to remember the safety of the people who will use the swing at all times most especially children.
One should think of the available space in the compound as there will be other activities taking place in the same compound apart from swings as they need enough space to beautify the place where they are installed.
Mitala says that on the ground of a swing after its installation, sand can be put in place to prevent one from getting dirty while using the swing at any time.
There should be maximum space left between the swing and the next structure as a must and for permanent structures like wall fence or houses, it should be at least 30 inches if the swing supports the beam of that structure.
 wings installed in a water pool hoto by ictoria ampala Swings installed in a water pool (Photo by Victoria Nampala)


How do you erect a swing?
Start the process by planning carefully. Pick a spot that offers a shade, good drainage and measure the amount of space you have.
Know what your children like, if it is a combination of swinging and climbing, get a swing which allows for both.
When searching for a swing, remember the big swings risk the child getting injured. Swings for older children may not be suitable for preschool ones. However, you should take into account that the children will grow and so looking for adjustable swings will be the best.