Use data for research, universities told

By Apollo Mubiru

Electronic devices such as smart mobile phones, iPads could be used with specific applications in education delivery

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Universities have been advised to embrace new communication technology for research and better their teaching methodology.

The permanent secretary ministry of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Vincent Bagaiire said the use technology gives an opportunity for good data analytics and invent innovations to solve the country's problems.

"Universities should use data for research and it should be contextual," Bagiire said.  

Bagiire said the government has invested heavily in building an ICT infrastructure to reduce the cost of connectivity and internet.

He implored universities to also consider using social media for lectures and course works through the use of recorded videos and audio for students.

He argued that electronic devices such as smart mobile phones, iPads could be used with specific applications in education delivery.

cting  executive director r lex agume speaking during the conference hoto by hamim aadActing NCHE executive director Dr Alex Kagume speaking during the conference. Photo by Shamim Saad


"ICT is informed by education. If indeed ICT is dynamic, why can't we change our education to be in line with technology? It's done in the western world," Bagiire said.   

Bagiire made the remarks on Wednesday at the first annual conference on higher education themed Mainstreaming ICT in Research, Higher Education Delivery and Management.

The National Council of Higher Education (NCHE) acting executive director, Dr Alex Kagume, reiterated the need to use ICT in the country's education sector.

Uganda Communications Commission executive director, Godfrey Mutabazi, said the current generation has more opportunities than ever before to discover more, learn, create and transform a whole new world through inventions and technological advancement.

He regretted that a big number of Ugandans use social media for gossiping.

"We should move from a gossiping society to a researching and studying one. Like many developing economies, let us embrace ICT for socio-economic development," Mutabazi advised.