Heavy security deployment in Lira town

By Simon Masaba

Residents claim two Indians allegedly strangled an 11 year-old boy

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Police and the army have heavily deployed in Lira town to investigate the wave of crime where thugs raided and looted several shops.

The Minister of State for Defence Hon. Rtd. Col. Charles Okello Engola, visited the town (Lira) and called for calm.

Engola, told New Vision, that peace had been restored and shops re-opened.


  efence tate inister harles kello ngola visiting the injured nnocent dongo 23 from lito in ole at ira egional eferral ospitalredit udson punyo Defence State Minister Charles Okello Engola visiting the injured Innocent Odongo, 23, from Alito in Kole at Lira Regional Referral Hospital.(Credit: Hudson Apunyo)

During the violent protest on Saturday, shops were looted and goods stolen from dealers' trucks, as teargas and live bullets were fired by both the Police and the military to contain rioters who stormed streets in Lira town.

Five civilians are among several who were injured during the fracas.

On Sunday, the injured were airlifted aboard a military helicopter to Kampala for better healthcare.


  ive civilians are among several who were injured during the fracasredit udson punyo Five civilians are among several who were injured during the fracas.(Credit: Hudson Apunyo)


Residents claim two men of Asian origin operating businesses in Lira allegedly strangled 11-year-old Dickens Okello to death and Police covered-up the murder, sparking the riots.

At least 30 people including the two men of Asian origin whose names were withheld, and linked to Okello's death, have been arrested in an operation commanded by the regional Police commander, Peter Nkulega.