Maga register first win of the season

By Faith Kiai

They thoroughly punished their opponent

Maga 15 Indigo 5

E. Klein 7 CKI 13

Anchors 9 Ibanda 11

Skin Samona 12 Atagenda 8

Hot Pool 13 Ronz 7


E. Klein 6 CKI 6

Anchors 7 Ibanda 00

Skin Samona 8 Atagenda 4

Hot Pool 9 Ronz 3

To go more than half the season before you collect your first point is a difficult situation in any sport,but the elation when you register that win is second to none.

That is a situation Betway Senior Pool League Outfit Maga Pool Club has struggled with, all season until Sunday evening against Indigo. They saved their best performance for Sunday as they run riot over indigo to win 15-5 and take the bonus point as well.

They thoroughly punished their opponents who are no longer the side that they used to be. Following the spell binding win, Maga leadership led by club director Dr. Herbert Turyagenda is now more optimistic about the season ahead and what it may bring.

"It's our first sweet win this season. We are determined to see that we get a point in each of the remaining games. The boys are now energised after this win. No one should write us off," Turyagenda said.

His trick to turning the disastrous season around is to take it one point at a time focusing mostly on getting any point they can along the way.

"The second round has just started and so far this is the momentum we need," he spoke confidently.

Maga's next match will be at home against Anchors a match they will fancy winning given their current mood.