Uganda to host global conference on education

By Abou Kisige

"A student must be assessed based on their capacity to create innovations from the subjects they study in classroom."

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PIC: From left, the headteacher of Old Kampala SS, James Muloni, the head education division of Global Peace Foundation Charles Kavuma and the Chapter President of Global Peace Foundation Milton Kambura during a meeting at Old Kamapala SS. (Credit: Abou Kisige)


Uganda will this year host the Global Peace Leadership conference, aimed at transforming classroom work and schooling more interesting and engaging for students across the Great Lakes region.

The two-day summit will begin on August 1 and is expected to attract participants including teachers, heads of state and governments, curriculum development experts, ministers of education, parents, students and researchers.

Business investors, directors of education standards, examiners, teacher trainers and authors will also take part.

The summit will be hosted under the sub-theme: 'Nurturing character, creativity and relationship in schools, a smart workforce and entrepreneurship readiness'.

The Chapter President of Global Peace Foundation, Milton Kambura, said the conference will present new models that ensure transformation of education in Uganda and globally.

"We shall make sure that students graduate with jobs, ethical culture in self-employment and with 21st century competencies," he said.

"Children have the potential to be great and are naturally curious and inherently creative," said Kambura, adding that teachers have to create an environment which stimulates collaboration, teamwork, respect and problem-solving among students.

The conference will also explore what the 21st century classrooms and schools have to look like. It will raise a discussion on approaches that great teachers and schools should pioneer in educating a total child.

The upcoming meet will explore some of the available opportunities geared at nurturing student entrepreneurship in schools.

"A student must be assessed based on their capacity to create innovations from the subjects they study in classroom," said Kambura.

The conference is expected to build consensus on responses towards pressing regional and international challenges guided by a shared vision, principles, aspirations, and an innovative value- based approach to improving the economy, education, security and leadership at all levels of society, among other needs.

It will he hosted at the Commonwealth Resort Hotel Munyonyo and President Yoweri Museveni and the Education Minister Janet Museveni are expected to grace it.

The headteacher of Old Kampala Secondary School and the Chairman of the Association of Secondary School Headteachers, James Muloni, said the conference could not have come at a better time.