Prof. Barya endorses University Guide

By Vision Reporter

He also proposes that due to the high value and importance of the guide, it should be published by New Vision thrice every year.

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Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba, a top university don who was one time at the helm of Makerere University says New Vision's University Guide, coming out tomorrow, "will completely change your thinking about higher education".

He also proposes that due to the high value and importance of the guide, it should be published by New Vision  thrice every year. He argues that this would keep students abreast of the changing job and knowledge world over.

"New Vision is tested in its products and can be trusted to effectively execute these publications," he said in an interview yesterday. The free copy of this year's

University Guide will be available in tomorrow's issue of New Vision. Baryamureeba, who took a shot at the country's presidency in the 2016 general elections, also says: "New Vision knows best what it takes to educate masses in education.

This is the more reason you should believe the quality of research they invested in the guide" Baryamureeba said after New Vision's 13 years of producing the University Guide, "they should be respected and trusted with such guides." He said just like students, some parents lack sufficient knowledge regarding the existing programmes in different universities, and where the job market is headed.

"There are always so many other opportunities that students need to know about. The best way to do this is reading this guide every year," the former Makerere University vice-chancellor said. Baryamureeba said he was an ardent reader of the guide.

"Every year, I secure a copy of this guide for my office, without fail. I read it. It is a good publication, well researched, with relevant information on career guidance. I recommend every parent and student set to join the university to read it."

Baryamureeba, a mathematician, computer scientist and academic administrator, noted that some higher institutions of learning were still admitting students to study courses that were scrapped by the National Council for Higher Education or which are irrelevant to the job market.

"The best way to avoid being duped is by reading this guide," he said.  The University Guide will offer unique and well-researched information. It will have all it takes for a student to join, go through the university life as well as get a job.  The guide has tips for parents and students on accommodation, including a poll ranking the best hostels for anyone set to join any of the universities in the metropolitan area.

The poll was based on students' perceptions and was done by New Vision's research team over a period of about three months. The guide will also have content on accredited courses, universities and tuition for every course, to effectively guide the students and their benefactors.

The guide will also cover issues cutting across the East African region, Africa and various opportunities and offers on the global market and universities. The guide will offer you another unique research study on graduates and employment in the country, scholarship opportunities, the accredited courses and universities