Why Omala came to Kirumira's rescue

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In fulfillment of Mohammed Kirumira's condition for bond, he needed an officer of a higher rank than him to stand surety and Afande Omala came in handy.

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Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Sam Omala, known for suppressing opposition riots in Kampala came in to rescue former Buyende DPC Mohammed Kirumira.

The Director welfare and Production in the Police force says he stood surety for Kirumira becauese he has worked with him and seen him through various trainings and assignemnets.

He says he could therefore not neglect him at this time when he needed an officer of a higher rank than him.

There were dramatic scenes before the bond was given.

First, no journalist was allowed to access the building.

PIC 1: Those who insisted on entering were arrested.



PIC 2:... But a Bukedde journalist gave the Police a rough time. He races as he takes pictures


PIC 3: The chase goes on


PIC 4: The Policeman displasy his skills


Did he get the journalist? 

.....Well, not sure of how fast they could run in case they crossed the line with Police, some journalsits opted to remain outside as proceedings went on.

They kept on phone, perhaps informing their editors of what was happening. 


...And here comes Mohammad Segirinya, purpotedly to stand surety for Mohammed Kirumira. Well, they may share the name, but not the profession. Police had clearly said they wanted an officer of a higher rank to stand surety for Kirumira.

Trust their word, the Police blocked Ssegirinya from accessing the premises.


JUBILATION: After Afande Omala stood in, Kirumira was released and jubilation started. Kirumira's relatives had come earlier and waited patiently for the verdict.