Volleyball: Okello joins Turkey's Galatasaray

By Swalley Kenyi

He passed trials at the club last week

Daudi Okello has yet again made history by becoming the first East African to sign for Galatasaray Volleyball Club in Turkey.

Galatasaray which is the among the top volleyball clubs in the Turkish top flight has bought off Okello's contract at Bulgarian side Marek Union-Ivkoni and handed him a four year contract.

Okello, who passed trials at the club last week confirmed having signed the contract saying it is better that what he had in Bulgaria.

"The deal in Turkey is certainly better. Galatasaray is a professional club and most of the players here are professional which offers me better pay and also marketing platform," Okello said.

Indeed, the contract comes with performance bonuses, a car, house and holiday visits among other professional benefits.

Asked whether he can immediately match his counterparts or teammates to earn him first team status, Okello sounded optimistic.

"I have learned I can face them. I have learned that many of the European professionals here made their names in the early days of their times. I have already played some matches and it is possible to make my name too," Okello said. 

Galatasaray VC has won the highly professional Turkish national league four times and the men's volleyball championship 12 times.