Apac fails to recover bulk of youth funds

By Denis Ongeng

some arrests have been made to recover the money


Apac district is battling with poor recovery of Youth Livelihood Programme funds after several youth groups split the money among them and used it on unrelated projects.

The Apac RDC, Beatrice Akello Akori said attempts to recover the funds have yielded little fruits after many youth projects were abandoned.

Akello said in the last three financial years, the government disbursed over sh900m to various youth projects but only sh93m has been recovered from 134 youth groups.

"The biggest problem is the poor attitude of the youths who have interpreted the fund as free money" Akello said.

She added that as a strategy to address the problem, youth groups will be rigorously vetted to ensure the groups don't have ghost members.

She noted that some arrests have been made to recover the money adding that some civil servants had been tasked to refund the money after they illegally benefited from the programme.