Its great hosting the Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting

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Uganda is a very good country that everyone ought to visit

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By Michael Woira

As it is always said that you cannot be respected or be called a hero in your area of birth, it is the same statement that I think fits in the situation in Uganda and in many brains of my fellow Ugandans.

For the past years, Uganda has performed very well in almost all sectors according to the foreign eye and agencies that are always moving all around the world researching and collecting data though for some with biased intentions, Uganda is reffered to as the worst and these are mainly organizations liaising with some opposition leaders to tarnish the name of the country for their political mileage.

Ever since the Ugandan government hosted the commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 2007, very many other big events have been held here because of the legacy that our country showed to all the delegates who attended the common wealth meeting at common resort Munyonyo, and for events like the IAAF champions, Nile Basin Summit, African Insurance summit, solidarity summit and very many other events have been very successful and the country has also benefited from these events interms of getting many tourists and these delegates have always come back with investments in the country because of the hospitality  it has got for its  foreign visitors.

Aside from that, we as a country are hosting the commonwealth youth ministers meeting and I was privileged to attend the briefing by the secretary General of the common wealth, The Rt. Hon Patricia Scotland who is here to chair the meeting together with the president.

In her speech, she emphasized that Uganda is a very good country that everyone ought to visit and also clearly put it that the youth of Uganda are very innovative and entrepreneurial youth and it's the big reason they decided to hold this meeting here though the decision was made earlier way back in 2013 during the 8th common wealth ministers meeting that happened in Papua New Guinea.

As a youth, I am very happy that this is happening here and my expectations are high because issues like poverty alleviation, joblessness, innovativeness, politics amongst the youth are some of the issues to be tackled and this will enable the government to audit what works, what doesn't work, why it doesn't work and propose what works better for the youth of this era and this will enable government to respond to young people's challenges and aspirations in a more informed manner. I therefore encourage my fellow youth to make sure we follow and get detailed of the event when it starts.

Writer is a patriotic Ugandan