Power saving tips

By Billy Rwothungeyo

With the economic times becoming tighter, people are looking for ways of reducing expenditure. Bills on utilities like electricity and water are some of what every working Uganda has to pay.

Bulbnew 350x210

 So how do you reduce on your power bill? Stephen Ilungole, Umeme's media manager shares some tips on how to use less electricity in your home:


*When the night passes, switch off your security lights. You may also need to switch off power in empty rooms in your house to save power.

*Use energy saving bulbs to consume less power than the old bulbs that consume a lot of power.


*When ironing clothes, remember to iron many clothes in one go as this way, you will use less power.

*It is also advisable that you iron clothes that are somewhat misty as this also saves power.

Cooking and heating

*When boiling a cup of tea, kindly use instant water heaters instead of using a saucepan on a cooker. This will save you power.

*If you are going to cook, prepare the entire foodstuff you intend to cook before turning on the cooker

*Replace old cookers. They tend to use more electricity than the newer ones.

*After cooking, cover food or use food flasks to keep food warm so you do not have to warm.


*Use the right fridge. If you are a bachelor, why would you need homogenous fridge? The larger the fridge, the more power it consumes.

*Defrost the fridge at least once every month. It helps save power.

*Do not put the fridge against a wall. It helps the ventilation and gets more efficiency with the fridge.