In the New Vision: Lake Kyoga dries up

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Panic grips country as several lakes dry up.

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Do not miss over 100 pages of special coverage as the country celebrates 31 years of the NRM.

We bring you:

-  The top 41 NRM fighters and why they are remembered.
-  The unsung women heroes and what they did in the liberation war.
-  Developments in key sectors like education. We have 8 pages.
-  Key achievements since 1986.
-  The type of guns the fighters had and who had which type of gun.
-  What happened at the Nairobi peace talks and why they failed.
-  How the NRM war actually started in Makindye and not in Luweero.
-  A list of 200 people to be awarded medals.
-  How the battle at Katonga Bridge was won.
-  The people who saw Kampala fall to the rebel fighters narrate their experiences.
-  Great liberation war in pictures inside.
Other top stories

- Panic grips country as several lakes dry up. Lake Kyoga has been hit most.

Find other lakes that are drying up and why.
-Find out why elephantiasis is a big problem in Kagadi and Kibaale.
- We bring you reasons why 16 private schools have been closed in Kumi district. Get the list of schools inside.