There are deliberate efforts to fail me -Speaker

By Rogers Sunday

This is completely unacceptable as it violates the rules of procedure, council must convene as prescribed by the law without fail

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Fort portal municipality leaders are at loggerhead with the municipal technocrats on when the leaders of the municipality should hold their first council meeting.

The leaders argue that it's over three months now since they were sworn in as leaders but have never deliberated on issues affecting the municipality.

Earlier the municipal town clerk had issued out invitations to all councilors stating that there would be a council seating on 19th August.

The program was however cancelled on the 17th August after councilors received phone messages which informed them that date for council seating had been changed to 26th August on grounds that the municipality was hosting visitors from the World Bank.

The New Vision has obtained a letter signed by the Fort Portal deputy town clerk Francis Nyamugo indicating that council will seat on Friday 26th August.

To the contrary however the municipal speaker Gilbert Kayondo has also issued invitation letters to all councilors and departmental heads to convene for a full council seating on Monday 22nd August.

Kayondo has also written to the municipal town clerk to ensure that the necessary logistical requirements are availed to the councilors to hold a successful council session.

"This is completely unacceptable as it violates the rules of procedure, council must convene as prescribed by the law without fail. It's like as if somebody is trying to run our municipality on remote control which we can't accept" Kayondo told the New Vision.

He accused the office of the town clerk of applying delay tactics to cover up serious issues that are affecting service delivery in Fort Portal.

"There are deliberate efforts to frustrate me and the mayor Rev Kintu Muhanga. This is intolerable and I hereby inform you that full council shall sit on Monday without fail" the speaker stated in his letter to the town clerk.

Recently the mayor Muhanga told the New Vision at his office at Boma that the municipality was highly indebted and that there are a lot of corruption scandals within the municipality.

"The former mayor Asaba Ruyonga left debts that are running to the tune of shs 500m but unfortunately the local revenue that would be a solution to the debts is being swindled by the technocrats" Muhanga said.

The New Vision has learnt that Muhanga has ordered for an internal audit of all municipal departments