Gulu Municipal Council

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Gulu Municipal Council Procuring and Disposing Entity hereby invites applications and submission of interests from competent and reputable Ugandan Companies / Firms /Enterprises and individuals for the below listed requirements under the Open Domestic Bidding.

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Gulu Municipal Council Procuring and Disposing Entity hereby invites applications and submission of interests from competent and reputable Ugandan Companies / Firms /Enterprises and individuals for the below listed requirements under the Open Domestic Bidding.


a- General Building Construction.
b- Supply of motor cycles
c- Supply of vehicles and motor cycles spare parts.

1. Gulu 754/Supls/16-17/00001 Fuel & Lubricants
2. Gulu 754/Supls/16-17/00002 Supply of stationeries and Offi ce consumable and others.
3. Gulu 754/Supls/16-17/00003 Provision of Hotel Services ( meals, refreshment).
4. Gulu 754/Supls/16-17/00004 Supply of printing materials.
5. Gulu 754/Supls/16-17/00005 Supply of tyres and tubes
6. Gulu 754/Supls/15-16/00006 supply of offi ce furniture and school desks
7. Gulu 754/Supls/16-17/00007 Supply of Computers and Accessories, photocopiers
and accessories, digital camera, scanners and others.
8. Gulu 754/Supls/16-17/00008 Supply of Cements, Aggregates, Hard Core and Building sands.
9. Gulu 754/Supls/16-17/00009 Supply of staff uniforms, protective gears,
detergents, gumboots, wheel barrows and uniforms for road gangs, curtains, hoes,
pit axes, spades hard brooms, and other offi ce fabric.
10.Gulu 754/Supls/16-17/00010 Supply of Re-enforced concrete culverts 600mm
diameter, 900 mm diameter,450 mm diameter, Amco.
11 Gulu 754/Supls/16-17/00011 Supply of Bitumen, Primer, Roads Lime, stones chipping
12. Gulu 754/supls/16-17/00012 Supply of seeds and tree seedlings.
13. Gulu 754/Supls/16-17/00013 supply of Fire woods and Construction Timbers.
14. Gulu 754/supls/16-17/00014 Supply of Electrical materials, spares and fi ttings
15. Gulu 754/supls/16-17/00015 Supply of Texts Books , periodical and Newspaper.
16. Gulu 754/supls/16-17/00016 supply of high tensile rim bars size 12mm,16mm and
plumbing materials.

1. Gulu 754/Srvcs/16-17/00001 Repair and maintenance of Motor Vehicles & Motor Cycles.
2. Gulu 754/Srvcs/16-17/00002 Provision of Security Services.
3. Gulu 754/Srvcs/16-17/00003 Provision of Legal Services.
4. Gulu 754/Srvcs/16-17/00004 Servicing and maintenance of Offi ce equipments
(computers etc)
5. Gulu754/srvcs/16-17/00005 Hire of Roads equipments (excavator, bitumen
sprayer, bitumen boiler,water bowser, concrete mixer etc)
6. Gulu754/srvcs/16-17/00006 Consultancy for Environmental Impact Assessment
Gulu modern Abbattoir.