Drug dealer brings cocaine to police for quality test

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The dealer says she didn't want people to die of an overdose

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Sometimes doing the right thing can really blow up in your face. When a woman entered a police station in Toulouse, France with three big bags of crack and cocaine, all she wanted was for the police officers to test her product to make sure it was safe to sell.

What she somehow failed to consider was that walking into a police station with illegal drugs to sell might not have been the best idea.

The 45-year-old woman walked into the station at about 5:00am. When she was asked why she had placed the three bags on the reception counter, she said it was so the officers could test the drugs because she, "wanted to know if it was good quality as she didn't want people to die of an overdose," AFP reported.

While it was a noble act for a drug dealer, her concern led to her arrest. She will face court in January.

It is likely that she is regretting her quality control, but at least she did not end up like a fellow French citizen who jumped from a balcony after attempting to sever his penis while high on LSD.