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In the last three decades of the NRM administration, the economy has grown more than fivefold

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Base for economic take-off

By Paul Bushariz

Poverty levels have been halved, the general wellbeing of the population has improved and donor dependence is significantly reduced, suggesting that the country is well poised for a take-off, leading to economic transformationClick here for more


NRM's political achievements

By Pascal Kwesiga

 Museveni displaying the Constitution during the swearing-in ceremony in 2011

When Uganda attained political independence in 1962, there were high hopes among the population that the exit of the British colonial leaders from the country's political arena would entrench selfrule.Click here for more

Fort Portal town, the tourism hub

By Geoffrey Mutegeki

All roads lead to Fort Portal town in Western Uganda as the country celebrates the 30th

anniversary of the  National Resistance Movement (NRM).Click here for more

Lessons for NRM from Nyerere

Every leader stands on a good theory they have seen practiced or the ‘shoulders'of another to craft a new way of constructing a nation. There is no formulae, as Lee Kuan Yew once said, to building a nation.Click here for more


1. Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives

2.Uganda National Bureau of Standards

3. Uganda Electricity Distribution Company

4.Kinyara Sugar Limited

5.Ministry of Works and Transport

6. The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC)

7. Uganda Investment Authority

8.Cotton Development Organisation (CDO)

9. Office of the Prime Minister Page 1

10. Office of the Prime Minister Page 2

11.Office of the Prime Minister Page 3

12.Uganda Allied Health Examinations Board (UAHEB)

13.Uganda Development Corporation

14.Uganda Electricity Generation Company Ltd

15. DAS Handling Ltd

16. Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation

17. Rural Electrification Agency

18. Soroti University

19. National Drug Authority

20. Zhongmei Engineering Group Limited

21. Directorate Of Citizenship & Immigration Control (DCIC)

22. Uganda Warehouse Receipt System Authority

23.Education Service Commission

24. Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examinations Board

25. Tropical Bank Limited

26. Inspectorate of Government

27.Higher Education Students& Financing Board (HESFB)

28. National Forestry Authority

29. Uganda Electricity Generation Company Ltd

30. Uganda National Meteorological Authority

31. The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development

32. National Environmental Management Authority

33. Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project

34. The Ministry of Education Science, Technology and Sports Page 1

35.The Ministry of Education Science, Technology and Sports Page 2

36. Lakeland Holdings Ltd

37. Aponye (U) Ltd

38.Roofings Group

39.Ministry of Defence

40. National Housing and construction company

41.Ministry of Internal Affairs

42. Uganda Railways Corporation

43. KK Foods

44. Uganda AIDS Commission

45.Makerere University page 1

46. Makerere university Page 2

47. St Lawrence University

48 Megha Industries (U) Ltd

49.Ministry of water and Environment page 1

50.Ministry of Water and Environment  Page 2

51.Ministry of Water and Environment Page 3

52. Ministry of Water and EnvironmentPage 4

53. Ministry of Water and Environment Page 5

54.Ministry of Water and Environment Page 6

55.Ministry of Water and Environment Page 7

56. Ministry of Water and Environment Page 8

57.Uganda Development Corporation

58 .Ministry of Information and Communications Technology

59. Uganda Coffee Development Authority

60.Abubaker Technical Services & General Supplies .Ltd

61.Newrest Uganda Inflight Services

62.Office of the Prime Minister

63. Mehta Group

64. Sumadhura Technologies Ltd

65. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

66. The Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry And Fisheries