Want to look good? Lift your breasts

By Vision Reporter

THE bust is a symbol of beauty and nothing ruins a woman’s look faster than unsupported saggy breasts. Below experts give tips on how to keep your bust looking good.


THE bust is a symbol of beauty and nothing ruins a woman’s look faster than unsupported saggy breasts. Below experts give tips on how to keep your bust looking good.

Get the right bra
Many women are uncomfortable with pendulous or with big breasts. Brenda Nankya, a dealer in women’s underwear, says one can improve the appearance of pendulous breasts by wearing a well-fitting bra. However, Nakya warns against going bra-less. “Gravity causes the breasts to sag by stretching the tissue,” she says.

For those with a heavy bust, she recommends a supportive bra that has underwire and wide shoulder straps. Rose Kiganda, another dealer in women’s underwear at Lady Fashion’s on Luwum Street, adds: “The bra has to be the right size. If the cups are too small, it appears like you have three sets of breasts.”

She advises women who do not know their size to consult a bra fitter in shops dealing in women’s underwear. For small-chested women, Kiganda says many are going for padded bras because they create the illusion of a larger bust. However, she cautions that these bras do not allow the skin to breathe so they should be saved for special occasions only.

Choose bras with a wide back strap
The wider the back strap the more support the bra gives. This may include bras with 3-6 hooks. Fortunately, colourful, lacy and cute bras are available in the largest of sizes.

Control your weight
Weight changes tend to make the breasts sag. Paula Akech, a dietitian, advises one to join a fitness programme that allows you to control your weight. “Avoid miracle diets because they make one lose weight very fast and gain it back at the same speed. Posture

Bad posture is a major enemy of a beautiful bust. Good posture elevates the bust. While walking or standing keep your bust raised instead of stooping.

Sports bra
Wearing a sports bra can delay breasts sagging, especially during sports that have a lot of movement, like running. This undergarment will protect breasts from gravity.

Do chest exercises
Moderate chest exercises with free weight machines can strengthen the muscles that support the bust.

One exercise to try is the cleavage maker. Starting position: Holding dumbbells in underhand lie on the floor or diagonally on bed with head at one corner. Extend arms outwards from sides. Keeping elbows slightly bent, slowly bring arms together above you. Lower slowly to starting position and repeat.

The other exercise is the breastbone filler. Start by holding dumbbells in overhand grip, lie with legs outstretched on couch, leaning your back against armrest or wall at 45 degree. Support back with pillow. Slowly extend hands in front of you, parallel to legs. Hold briefly then bring weights back towards chest. Repeat.

Use moisturiser
The bust and the décolleté (valley between the breasts) are delicate areas that need to be moisturised daily. The décolleté is usually exposed to the sun and thus requires sun block. While you moisturise your body, do the same for your bust and décolleté.

Examine your bust
To detect any abnormalities, doctors recommend examining one’s breasts regularly. Select specific dates in a month and stick to them because of hormonal changes during ovulation and menstruation. When taking a shower, raise one arm and with the other hand massage your breasts following up, circular movements in the shape of the number eight.

Want to look good? Lift your breasts