New Vision to give sh30m in Bingo

By Vision Reporter

THE New Vision Printing and Publishing Corporation (NVPPC) will launch the eagerly-awaited Bingo promotion on Monday.

By Steven Odeu

THE New Vision Printing and Publishing Corporation (NVPPC) will launch the eagerly-awaited Bingo promotion on Monday.

The promotion is to run for eight weeks, with sh30m to be won by participating readers.

This will be the second Bingo promotion to be held exclusively by The New Vision following another successful one in 1997.

The aim of the promotion is to create reader interest, entertainment and increase sales by encouraging repetitive purchase of The New Vision on a daily basis.

William Pike, The New Vision’s Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief, said the competition will be three times bigger than the previous one.

He said the technical support staff and the cards were all from United Kingdom.

“It is the biggest newspaper competition in Uganda’s history. We hope circulation goes up, but the main thing is to give readers a chance to win money especially at a time when children are about to go back to school,” Pike said.

The competition starts on Monday. Readers will get free Bingo cards from their copy of tomorrow’s, Sunday’s and Monday‘s newspaper from their nearest New Vision office, vendor or agent.

The New Vision sales promotion manager Rhona Kanabahita said readers should buy their own copy of the paper because each Bingo card has different numbers.

“The reader has to buy their copy of The New Vision and Sunday Vision everyday to cut out the winning numbers panel and increase their chance of getting all the lucky numbers they need to win each week,” she said.

The readers will get their free gamecards and fill in their name and address in the box provided. Each card will have different Bingo numbers on it for eight weeks.

Readers are expected to look for the week’s game on their Bingo gamecard.

If any number on the winning panel published in The New Vision appears in that weekday’s game section of the gamecard, the reader should cross it off the gamecard with an ‘X’.

A winning panel with new lucky numbers will be published in the New Vision and Sunday Vision.

The reader should cut out the winning numbers panel everyday and keep it with their gamecard.

If the reader crosses all the numbers for the week’s game, they win sh2.5m. If there is more than one winner, the sh2.5m is shared equally.

Readers who fail to win the weekly cash prize can enter the grand draw to win from the sh10m prize.

The first prize will be sh5m, the second prize sh3m and the third sh2m. The grand draw will be held at the end of game eight on Thursday, April 4.

New Vision to give sh30m in Bingo