Gae’s Look-Alike, A Star Of His Own

By Vision Reporter

Whoever thought that Uganda’s ambassador in the Big Brother Africa House is the only one of his type was wrong.

By Angel Kaggwa
Whoever thought that Uganda’s ambassador in the Big Brother Africa House is the only one of his type was wrong.
There are many like him –– actually, there are many more who are “better” than him at using (or is it misusing) girls! But in looks, there can never be a more exact resemblance than 22-year-old Dickson ‘Gaetano’ Mushabe.
Mushabe is of medium build, tall, with a chocolate complexion. Like Gae, ‘hunk’ is an under statement when it comes to describing his looks.
Although this ‘Gaetano’ is also a second year student at Makerere University, the same institution Gae attends, the former is not studying to be a lawyer. He is instead pursuing a BSC (Qualitative Economics).
Mushabe was born to Mr and Mrs Tindimutunga of Mbarara. Unlike Gae who is a Muganda, this one is a Munyankole who (again unlike Gae),speaks with a Kinyankore accent.
Mushabe, unlike Gae, who is a Kabindist (Nkrumah Hall resident), is a dedicated ‘goat’ (from University Hall).
Again, unlike Gae, whose style is more liberal and informal, his replica is extremely smart.
His neatness does not stop at a clean-shaven head and a well-trimmed beard, or clothes but extends to his toes and finger nails.
He is a perfectionist who likes things done his way, in the right time and place. Like Gae, he is eloquent, polite, and hospitable. The word ‘hommie’ (friend) follows every single word he says.
Anitah, a second year BA (Social Sciences) student and big fan of BBA was smitten with the Gae on screen until she met her own ‘Gaetano’ through a friend.
“Gae, you’re back!” she screamed when she saw Mushabe. All this ‘Gaetano’ could do was smile. But when she assured him on how he was her dream man, he attempted to convince her that he was not the person she thought he was, but to not avail.
It took him over an hour to calm this girl, who was now turning riotous, down. At the end of the day, they agreed to be friends.
Talking of girls, while Gae would be quick to scheme his next catch, this ‘Gaetano’ would fast send her away. He has no girlfriend and he is not in a hurry to get one either. But like Gae, he has a string of close female friends.
“They just won’t stop coming,” he says. He admits that he enjoys girls’ company, but because he is busy, he is left with almost no time to attend to them.
‘Gaetano’ like Gae, likes his books. He can recite most of the Qualitative Economics literature in Makerere’s Main library. At the moment, like Gae, he is on his Dean’s list for a first class degree. The resemblance is striking!
The only thing that draws ‘Gaetano’ off his books is his business. He is a very focused young man with investments in beauty parlours and video libraries in Wandegeya.
He likes eating too. Pork is his favourite. Occasionally, he eats a ‘rolex’
(chapati roll with fried eggs, raw cabbage and tomotoes) too.
Travelling is his passion. He has never been overseas but has made dozens of trips across East Africa, particularly to Nairobi and Mombasa, where he buys supplies for his businesses. And music? Oh, he likes music all right. He loves listening to Christian music and jazz. Gae loves jazz too. But while Gae loves drinking and dancing, ‘Gaetano’ does neither.
Asked about the kind of girl he would like to settle with, he is fast to say, “Definitely Abby is not any close to her. I would like a girl who neither drinks nor smokes. I want someone natural.”
He, however, doubts whether Abby and Gae are really in love. He thinks that it’s circumstances forcing her to do whatever she is doing.
“She knows what the fans out there want, and will do anything to keep as close to the money as possible,” he adds.
Asked whether he would do what Gae does with Abby in the BBA house, ‘Gaetano’ curtly says, “I think... actually, I know I wouldn’t do that. Only animals play sex in public. My instinct and lifestyle can’t allow me to do that.”
He says if he were in the house, being open and friendly would get him to day 106 of the competition. That he would adjust according to the conditions in the house.
“But still, I would do only what is worth my name and reputation as the Mayor (Interior Minister) of my hall of residence.”
Mushabe’s favourite housemate in the BBA house, like many Ugandans, is Gae.
But he hates it when Gae has unprotected sex live on television. Still, ‘Gaetano’ likes Gae, for he believes that Gae is only being himself, something that he says will help him bring the $100,000 (sh 200m) –– the ultimate prize –– home. “That is if there is no malice at all,” he says.
Mushabe envies Gae’s beard and hair-do but says he has a feeling that Gae simply copied him.
He says if he were to win the sh200m, Ugandans would watch movies before they premier in the US, for he would inject it all in the field he understands best –– salons and movies.
Would he like to meet Gae? “I wouldn’t mind meeting him,” Mushabe says. “But meeting him will not improve my business,” he adds. Tolbert N’guzi, his close friend, however, says: “I’ve never seen him so excited. He can’t wait to meet Gae.” He says they have a lot to sort out.”

His worst housemate is Bayo, the bulky Nigerian because he cried.
ashamed his size by wailing for Bruna after her eviction. Also, because he is bossy and has an intolerable temper.
Mushabe just can not wait to see him leave the house on Sunday, especially after fellow housemates showed their dislike for him by nominating him for possible eviction.

‘Gaetano’ is indifferent about two things. One-the guys call him Gaetano, after all, even if he wasn’t, they would never stop, for he reminds them of their ‘star’. Two-meeting Gae when he returns. “I wouldn’t mind meeting him,” he said. But whether I meet him or not my business won’t bee moved an inch,” he added with a smile. Tolbert N’guzi a close friend of his was fast at refuting this however. “I’ve never seen him so excited. He just can’t wait to meet Gae. He insists they have a lot to resolve.”

So is the world we are leaving in. You get popular and then your lookalikes exploit every inch of your fame. One Arthur suggested that their parents meet and probably put some things right. Probably there are some confessions here. Just watch this space.

Gae’s Look-Alike, A Star Of His Own