Kimansulo angers Museveni

By Vision Reporter

PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni (right) has said the Government will probe nude dances known as ebimansulo and other deviant behaviour to protect the youth.

By Alfred Wasike

PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni has said the Government will probe nude dances known as ebimansulo and other deviant behaviour to protect the youth.

Addressing Muslim leaders at the annual end-of-Ramadhan dinner on Monday night at the Nile Hotel, Museveni drew cheers as he announced, “My Government is going to investigate this deviant behaviour.

“We are going to ensure that our young people don’t begin behaving worse than animals like I have been hearing these days.”

The Mufti, Sheikh Shaban Mubajje, the Minister for the Presidency, Ali Kirunda Kivejinja, the leader of the Tabliq sect, Amir Sulaiman Kakeeto and other Muslim leaders pleaded with Museveni to “do something very fast about the gays and the ebimansulo dances” that are being imported and were tearing apart Uganda’s moral fabric.

“That is why I am very happy with the Church of Uganda and you my Muslim friends for taking such a non-compromising stand on deviant behaviour and condemning such immorality that is being imported from outside Africa to ruin our people,” he stressed to chants of Allah Akbar (God is great) through the chilly night.

The Church of Uganda recently cut relations with the Episcopal Church of the United States for consecrating of self-confessed homosexual Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire.

Responding to fears raised by the Muslim leaders that the coming Domestic Relations Bill would infringe on the rights of Muslims, Museveni said, “That law should not worry you at all.

“Do not listen to detractors. The law will take care of those of us who want to be monogamous and those of you who want to be polygamous,” triggering off “Kaguta Oyee” chants.

He urged Muslims to cement the unity they are enjoying under Sheikh Mubajje.

He warned them against factionalism. “The Movement is very happy with you since you are now united. I will continue wooing more benefactors but on condition that you are united so that we don’t give your donors confusing signals,” he told the audience that included Premier Apolo Nsibambi and other ministers.

“I talked to King Fahd and he gave me US$5m to assist the Islamic University at Mbale. We built the King Fahd Plaza in Kampala to raise money. I talked to my brother Gadaffi and now the construction of your national mosque is progressing well.

“He listens to me. I help you just as I help other religious groups like the Church of Uganda with their Church House. I look at all of you as Africans and not Muslims or Christians,” he emphasised.

He urged Muslims to join other Ugandans in exploiting the lucrative US, European and Japanese markets.

Meanwhile, the Vice president, Prof. Gilbert Bukenya, congratulated Muslims on completing Ramadhan. He thanked Ugandans for the support they showed to Muslims during Ramadhan.

“To those who observed the fast with diligence, may God be with you. There are those ‘fasting’ in a way, but not out of conviction,” he said.

Kimansulo angers Museveni