Odhiambo’s wife captured

By Vision Reporter

THE wife of LRA’s second-in-command Okot Odhiambo has been captured.

By Barbara Among

THE wife of LRA’s second-in-command Okot Odhiambo has been captured.

The woman was yesterday rushed to the theatre at the tactical base of the joint forces in Dungu, DR Congo to remove the bullets lodged in her body in a fire exchange.

The unidentified woman was captured along with eight other women fighters over the weekend. Among them was wife of former commander Samuel Opio, who was repatriated to Uganda last week.

One of the two wives of LRA leader Joseph Kony, who reported to the allied forces at Biebie-Alala in Sokure last week, was over the weekend flown to Dungu for interrogation.

Odhiambo’s wife is, however, yet to give information of her husband’s whereabouts and whether he is ready to surrender.

“For Odhiambo’s wife, we are yet to talk to her because she is injured,” said Capt Deo Akiiki, the spokesperson of the operation code-named Lightning Thunder.

Akiiki re-affirmed reports that Kony and his fighters were holed up in a swamp in the Garamba jungle, in a stretch of about 100km, from Doruma to the border of the Central African Republic.

“However, the concentration of LRA fighters is more at the CAR border and northwest of Nabanga, at the Southern Sudan border,” he said.

Akiiki added that more troops were being deployed to search for the elusive rebel leader, now on the run following sustained pressure from the joint forces comprising the armies of Uganda, Congo and Southern Sudan.

Earlier, two rebel commanders Ogwen and Kony’s deputy Odhiambo had indicated interest to surrender. A safe passage was created for them but they failed to turn up at the rendezvous near the Congolese border.

Kony, Odhiambo and Ongwen are wanted at The Hague for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Odhiambo’s wife captured