The time to spoil fathers

By Vision Reporter

THIS Sunday, June 15, is Fathers’ Day. It is a day to express your gratitude to your father what he has done for you. One way of doing it, is to buy him a gift that will bring an everlasting smile to his face.

THIS Sunday, June 15, is Fathers’ Day. It is a day to express your gratitude to your father what he has done for you. One way of doing it, is to buy him a gift that will bring an everlasting smile to his face. Agnes Kyotalengerire brings you tips on how to choose the ideal gift for your dad

Choosing a gift for your father involves focusing on his needs and personality.

Digital camera
Photography is the in-thing these days. Giving your dad a digital camera will enable him capture family events.
The camera costs at least sh400,000, depending on the number of pixels. It is advisable to choose a camera with high pixels for a good picture quality.

Secondly, choose branded cameras like Sony and buy from recognised dealers to get value for your money. Digital cameras are available at Majestic Uganda on Luwum Street and in shops dealing in computers.

Mobile phone
Why not surprise your dad with a phone this Fathers’ Day? Telephone outlets are flooded with mobile phones of all brands and sizes which cost as little as sh40,000.

Those with deep pockets can opt for stylish brands like Nokia N-series, whose prices range from sh500,000 to sh2m. Buy your phone from an authorised distributors to avoid fake phones.

Laptop/flash drive
If your dad is working, a laptop will do wonders for him. He can work on his documents while at home or when travelling. You can get one for as little as sh800,000.
Accompany the laptop with a flash disk to store his documents and pictures. This will cost you as little as sh25,000.

Thinking of garments as an ideal gift for your father? You will be spoilt for choice.
How about getting him a suit? All you need are the right measurements. Suits are available at Select Garments, Man About Town and Wina Classic. Prices start from sh500,000 and above.

Alternatively, check out boutiques like Gramo Garments at Maria Galleria on Luwum Street and Classic Garments at City Centre complex. Prices for suits start fr sh250,000.

You can buy him a good shirt. It will cost you between sh10,000 and sh15000 in down town shops while in uptown shops you will get one at about sh25,000. Do not forget to accompany it with a necktie, a pair of socks and cufflinks.

Necktie and cufflinks gift packs are available at Gramo Garments on Maria Galleria at sh30,000. A pair of quality socks will cost you sh5,000 while a neck tie goes for between sh5,000 and sh20,000. Cufflinks range from sh5,000 to sh15,000.

African outfits will make your dad look casual and smart. Kitenge shirts cost sh20,000, woven cotton shirts sh30,000, while linen outfits cost at least sh100,000.

These are available at Bits n’ Pieces at Kamu Kamu plaza, Entebbe Road, art and craft shops at African Village National Theatre and shops dealing in African wear.

Still undecided on the type of garment to give your dad? What about a robe or pajamas? You can accompany the robe with a pair of bedroom sandals. A robe will cost you sh30,000 at Quality Supermarket in Ntinda, while bedroom sandals cost sh15,000 a pair. Prices for pajamas range from sh25,000.

DVD player
How about buying the old man a DVD player? He will watch movies and play CDs and MP3s Get away from the ordinary DVD players and choose those with extra functions like USB port.

DVD players cost between sh100,000 and sh200,000. It is advisable to buy DVD players of recognised brands like LG, from recognised dealers. DVD players are available at Majestic Uganda Ltd and Saachi World on Luwum Street and Music World on Kampala Road.

Car accessories
You could make your dad’s driving experience more pleasurable by styling up his car with trendy gadgets.
Give him a car radio that has CD, MP3 and MFM radio functions or a DVD car radio with a screen.

A car radio costs about sh275,000, while a DVD radio will set you back by sh1,950,000. These are available in brands like Pioneer at Majestic Uganda Ltd on Luwum Street.

A free2talk hands free kit will enable him drive while talking on the phone. All he has to do is to clip the speakerphone onto the visor in his car and the transmitter on the earpiece of the cell phone.

The hands free car kit costs sh45,000 at Dubai Phones and Kim Phones at Zainab Aziza Emporium on Wilson Road.

Nothing speaks the language of love like wine. For as little as sh10,000, you will get a bottle of wine from UG Wines and Spirits at Garden City, Wine Garage at Muyenga Tank Hill, Italian Wines in Bugolobi and shops dealing in wines and spirits .

Imprinted gifts
Gifts like cups imprinted with titles like “Dear Dad”, “I love you Dad”, wall hangings or crystals will speak volumes about how much you care about him.
These are available in most gift shops at affordable prices.

The time to spoil fathers