I want him tall - Bina Baby

By Vision Reporter

MBABAZI Mulera aka Bina Baby has won the hearts of Dembe FM listeners on her show, <i>Crazy Love</i>. The towering Mukiga girl attracts many men but none of them has ever swept her off her feet. She talked to <b>Pidson Kareire</b> and <b>Sebidde Kiryowa</b> about her love life

MBABAZI Mulera aka Bina Baby has won the hearts of Dembe FM listeners on her show, Crazy Love. The towering Mukiga girl attracts many men but none of them has ever swept her off her feet. She talked to Pidson Kareire and Sebidde Kiryowa about her love life

QUESTION: With such a busy radio schedule, do you get time for a social life?
Answer: I hardly party unless it is a Dembe FM event or where I am the emcee. I do not like hanging out. My passion is in sharing jokes with family members and getting enough sleep. You see, I do two jobs – presenting and promotions. When I am not on air, I am promoting the radio. I don’t miss prayers on Sundays.

Are you dating anybody?

(Prolonged laughter). No. I gave up on relationships two years ago. I think I am not ready for any committed relationship. I have hurt many and decided to give it a break.

The most unfortunate guy was the one who came from the US, but on reaching here, I changed my mind. I am beginning to realise that I hurt him. But I am always happy; I have never woken up one day to pray for a man. All I worry about is how to make money and achieve my dream.

So, you have no crushes?
(Laughs). Crushes are natural and I have had quite many. I always make friends with such people, but I try as much as possible to avoid private places with them because I may be tempted. Sometimes I eat chocolates which helps me to divulge the crushes. But having a crush doesn’t mean I have to sleep with someone.

Who is your ideal date, then?
I want a man who is 10 years older than I am, taller than me so that I don’t bend to search for lips to kiss. He must be slender so that I can sometimes baby-sit and carry him. He must be very caring and have a warm heart.

Finally, I need a man who will not wait for me to say I need this and that but who can have initiative to care.

You haven’t seen such a guy?
I am not searching. The bigger percentage of men today are selfish, they think all a woman cares for is money and material things. They forget that women need love more than material things. They have this crazy idea that love is about money, but love is more than that!

Does that include your fellow Bakiga men?
What I know is that Bakiga men are very strong and caring, but also very selfish.

Since men are not on your wish list, doesn’t that raise suspicion about your sexual orientation in a modern society?
Yeah, yeah. As a fact, there are people who have misconstrued my decision to stay single to mean that I am a lesbian. This derives from the fact that they hardly see me in the company of a man, alone.
I always hang with women. But that is ridiculous because I am straight.

Now that men are clearly not a priority, what is?
I put financial independence first. I am thinking of my own house (still stays at home with parents) before an expensive car.
What is the worst thing about being single?
Interesting……(laughs). You are exposed to all sorts of criticisms and people never regard you as a serious person. Some corporations will not even employ you to head serious departments.

The worst time is when you visit your people upcountry. They will subject you to rigorous questions about why you are still single making insinuations that your status is synonymous with prostitution. Generally, people are so negative about being single and yet it is a life some people have chosen to live.

What else annoys you?
Liars and people who are capitalists by nature piss me off; I mean people who are synonymous with empty promises and those who take pride in exploiting others always change my mood from high to low. But, a good joke will crack me up.

What, in life weighs you down?
(Silence and then presses her knuckles).
I am obliged to look after my late sister’s children. The kids are problem cases. I worry about their future. The situation is worsened by high costs of medication. I need money all the time, so I don’t have money to spare for fun.

Is there anything you have not accomplished in life?
I have not left my parents home because I don’t want to leave them and sleep in a muzigo, but I am really struggling to have a place of my own –– a decent house built from my own sweat.

I want him tall - Bina Baby