Party away with the best dancing groups

By Vision Reporter

It’s doubtless! Dance groups will be the craze this Easter

By Titus Serunjogi
It’s doubtless! Dance groups will be the craze this Easter. Little wonder that many nightclubs will feature them this holiday. They’ll show all kinds of popular music hip-hop, R&B, Lovers’ Rock, Reggae, Lingala, Zouk. Here’s a profile on Kampala’s hottest dance groups, after the Obsessions.

The Sober Royals
They’re bringing the party to Chez Johnson Hotel on Easter. And they’ll be grooving to all kinds of music, including Techno, Salsa and Rock ‘n’ Roll. They also present various costumes, from the Kanzu to the Spanish pantaloons. Sober Royals are the most versatile dance group. Many have watched them at Crane Access draws and Mango promotions.
The group was formed in 2002, under Sober Uganda, an organisation that urges youth to refrain from alcohol. It comprises 14 members who study at Makerere University (MUK). They perform for sh300, 000 per night.

It will entertain patrons at Ends Corner Makindye over Easter. Afterwards, they’ll perform at Lido beach. The group recently thrilled patrons at Eden Park with a vulgar drama for Julianna and Bobi Wine’s Taata w’abaana yaani. They are also excellent at miming western hits.
Aftermath is the latest offshoot from the Sober Royals. Its founders Abu Kyazze and Steve Kizza, both radio presenters at Kara FM, broke off after a money wrangle. The group has 14 members who are students. They perform for sh100,000 per night.

TCK Dance Group
It is the ultimate treat for lovers of local pop. Their rendition of Gerald Kiweewa’s Akabimbi k’omumakatti, for example, is beautiful. However, the dancers sometimes fall into lewd excesses. On Saturday, one of the dancers stepped on stage with a nail pinned to his crotch! The group was performing at Wills Café, Kansanga. TCK also offers elaborate renditions of Indian, Latino, pop, R&B. You can watch them at Plaza café on Good Friday, or California Pub on Sunday.
Naira Campbell, a student at MUK, founded the group a year ago. She trains all 21 members of her group, many of whom are high school students. On stage the boys may seem monotonous in their light grey suits. But this is reinforced by the girls, who bring in a variety of costumes. They perform for as much as sh500,000.

The Dungeon Crew
It is dubbed the city’s hottest. Watch them at the former Blue Room on Good Friday, or else find them at Gulu’s Club Opiti on Easter. Anyone should have watched their Congolese-born dancer at Tickles and Giggles on Sunday. One moment she was gyrating so vigorously, another moment she was writhing along the poles like a serpent, and before the blinking of an eye she was spinning on the floor like an acrobat.
Dungeon Crew are perhaps the only crew that will entertain patrons to ballet and the South African Kwaito jams. They also dance to local hits. Their comic rendition of Mesach Semakula’s Siggwe Onsimira was superb. Later, however, one of the female dancers perhaps forgot that she was wearing a gomesi, which doesn’t suit Latino steps. Their dress code can be skimpy. So one may not want to take his family to their show.
Dungeon entertainment was formed three years back and it comprises 12 members. Many are students at MUK. They’ll perform for sh150,000 per night.

Sarah Nantalo, a former Shadow’s Angel will entertain us with the best of traditional dances! Her group, Precious Girls often performs at Sax Hotel and the former Blue Room. Someone should have watched her dancing to Rachael Magoola’s Wandyaako vooto at the former Blue room on Sunday. Her group also did excellent dance renditions of hip hop and rap songs.

The Soul Troopers
They often perform at Sax Hotel and Eden Park. Their shows often feature the best hip-hop. And they include local stars like Black Boy, No Creature and Ragga Compius. The Soul Troopers also bring the 80s Kadongokamu classics back to life.
The group was founded by Rasta Vampire (Julius Kimera), a musician. It comprises 15 members . They perform for 100,000 per night.

Party away with the best dancing groups