Kisanja is murder â€" Matembe

By Vision Reporter

REVISING the constitution to suit <i>ekisanja</i> (third term) is like murder, Mbarara Woman MP Miria Matembe has said.<br>

By Reuben Olita

REVISING the constitution to suit ekisanja (third term) is like murder, Mbarara Woman MP Miria Matembe has said.

“Greed for power and the quest for life presidency by the incumbent has destroyed a document Ugandans took a long time to prepare, with me being one of the commissioners in its preparation,” she said on thursday.

Matembe was speaking on a Kenyan Television Network popular show, Agenda Kenya, in Nairobi.

She, however, said president Yoweri museveni deserved a pat on the back for his achievements since 1986 when he took over power.

Through Museveni’s leadership, Matembe said, 30% of the positions in civic authorities were reserved for women, while 24% of such slots was accorded to women MPs.

She criticised the Kenyan National Rainbow coalition (NARC) government under president Mwai Kibaki for breaking its promise to deliver a constitution to Kenyans.

“When NARC came to power in December 2002, everybody, including Ugandans, saw them as hope for the Kenyans in expediting constitutional reforms, but nearly two years down the line, the status quo has not changed,” Matembe said.

Kisanja is murder – Matembe