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<b>Relatives to get pay <br>Militiamen counselled <br>Movement gets network <br>100 women join Amuka</b>

Relatives to get pay
Lira —
The district is to compensate relatives of children who died in an accident on their way to Dokolo sub-county headquarters to celebrate the International Women’s Day on March 8, 2000. The finance secretary, Angelous Ocen Ogwal, said on Monday the payments would be effected in February.

Militiamen counselled
Apac —
The Tourism State minister, Jovino Akaki-Ayumu, has cautioned personnel in the Amuka militia to respect the unarmed residents. Akaki, who was addressing recruits on Tuesday, warned them against drunkardness.

Movement gets network
Movement supporters in the district have launched a network to campaign for a third term for President Yoweri Museveni. Tourism State minister Jovino Akaki-Ayumu, who launched the network on Tuesday, said it was not wrong to propose for lifting the term limit for presidency.

100 women join Amuka
Apac —
More than 100 women have joined the Amuka militia to boost the UPDF in routing the LRA rebels, the Minister of State for Youth, Felix Okot-Ogong, said recently. He said the presidency would provide for their welfare.

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