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Your article about our course was a false one...

Your article about our course was a false one

Sir - We, the participants of the football coaching course Level II, held in Soroti flying School from the 15th -21 st September 2002 hereby disassociate ourselves from an article that appeared in the New Vision 20th September 2002, page 48 entitled, “Zittel turns to coaches,” by Kenneth Otim in Soroti.
The article alledges that a participant from Kumi said, Boma Sports ground had been turned into a toilet because the district was not committed to develop football.
Never was such a statement made. When ever the reporter got his information form is unknown to the participants whom he claimed.
We strongly condemn that story and recommend that, it is withdrawn immediately before legal action is taken.

James Mawa

Arsenal not great!

Sir- This town has been painted red because of Arsenal’s recent feats.
It all looks rosy now, but what many people do not realise is that the English soccer champions have peaked to early.
For a team to succeed especially in Europe, one needs to build up form gradually. The earlier you pick form, the more likely you will fizzle out later.
A team like Bayern stand a better chance with their slow start.So, the Arsenal fans and their dream of European glory had better slow down.

Jim Mukasa

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