What women want for 2020

By Stella Naigino

As the New Year begins, many people have big plans. Some could be to make them prosper or change the lives of other people. We talked to different women to find out there New Year resolutions

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Sarah Aporo, HIV activist
My New Year resolutions are to continue with my campaign against HIV/AIDS stigma which causes people living with HIV more trauma. Stigma is high and I want Ugandans to understand that having HIV is not a death sentence.
 arah poro and ariam dagire Sarah Aporo and Mariam Ndagire


Mariam Ndagire, artiste
I plan to reflect more on my life and the things God has done for more in the past years. Also, to devise better ways of empowering upcoming female artistes with knowledge and skills to help them grow into responsible citizens.
Cecilia Ogwal, Dokolo Woman MP
I will continue to ensure that all women participate in decision- making in this country. Women still need to be helped to come up and protect their rights. Some women, especially in villages have low self esteem, something that I intend to change.
 ecilia gwal and iria atembe Cecilia Ogwal and Miria Matembe


Maria Matembe, Female activist
I intend to continue fighting for proper decision-making in this country
and also open up people’s eyes on how to demand accountability from their leaders.
Harriet Kayanja, social worker
My New Year's resolutions are to preach the word of God and win more souls but also improve my financial status. I plan to embark on projects that will make me supplement my monthly earnings.
Vickie Hairwe, Women activist
In the New Year, I plan to reach out to all the vulnerable girls in the
community, listen to their issues and work together with my team to bring change into their lives.
 arriet ayanja and ickie airwe Harriet Kayanja and Vickie Hairwe


 Maria Nakanwagi, director, Women in Action for Community Empowerment
My New Year plan is to devise means of eradicating poverty in my community that is eating us up. This I will achieve by empowering my community members with skills in backyard farming and also encourage them to save.
Florence Wagaba, motivational speaker
My New Year plan is to encourage women, especially, the married to pay attention to their marriages, families and raise their children in the best way possible. This is because parents today seem to be too busy for their families, yet the children need them.
Joanita Kawalya, artiste
My New Year resolutions are to ensure that I make new friends and also devise means of motivating my team to work hard to give Ugandans the best music. I will also continue my campaign against HIV/AIDS in the country.
oanita awalya and lice utaasaJoanita Kawalya and Alice Mutaasa


 Alice Mutaasa, director, Bubbles International Kindergarten
I plan to grow more my parenting skills and also pay more attention to my other projects. I would also like to travel, meet new people and make more friends.
Eva Katerega, Motivational speaker
My New year resolutions are to reach out to the youth in different regions and speak to them about hard work. Today, many youth do not want to work and have low self-esteem.
 rene babazi and va aterega Irene Mbabazi and Eva Katerega


Irene Mbabazi, Children’s rights activist
My New Year resolutions are to continue empowering children with skills that enable them protect their rights and also know where to report those who abuse them.
Brenda Luyiiga, Communications manager
My New Year resolutions to ensure that vulnerable groups get decent shelter.
Ann Adeke, National Youth MP
I intend to sensitise the youth on how to fight poverty. Many youth today are unemployed simply because of the negative attitude they
have towards work.
 renda uyiiga and nn deke Brenda Luyiiga and Ann Adeke