Russia is not what you think

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Most of you wonder what life is like for Africans, here. Having seen and watched lots of fake videos, news about the high discrimination rate here, the lack of movement freedom and so much more.

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By Linz Camara Namaren
"Omg! +79...., what country is that?" This is the question I've had to respond to countless times. And yes, I am in Russia!
Most of you wonder what life is like for Africans, here. Having seen and watched lots of fake videos, news about the high discrimination rate here, the lack of movement freedom and so much more.
Well, my dear audience, life in Russia is quite smooth for everyone, irrespective of your skin colour. It's one of the few countries that has become a second home to many, one that loves everyone like his/her own. It's true Russians are a little bit reserved but whenever they meet outgoing people like us, their eyes brighten and smiles draw wide because it's something in us that they admire but do not see in themselves.
If you're one that loves planning your must-sees, I think it'll not work for you here because you'll get what you already expect. Russia has a rich history and cultural heritage and there're lots of interesting places that will keep you wanting to visit them again, you'll walk around and be rest assured that you'll not come across anyone throwing insulting comments at you because you're "melanin" or calling you different names, unless that person is drunk or an Asian with "malo" you know like the way in Uganda we'd say "laba omuzungu!".
I think I have said so many enticing things about Russia but believe me, it’s not a concocted story, Russia is phenomenal! I know there are lots of other questions at the back of your minds, concerning education and weather. I propose we tap education. If anyone ever told you that studying in Russia is easy, I’ll choose to believe that that person was only exaggerating a little bit. Well, who wouldn’t want to boast about studying in Russia, I guess nobody! The life of a student in Russia is like a dream come true. 
As a student, you’re entitled to quite a number of privileges like the student transport card that facilitates unlimited entries to underground and bus services which require a monthly subscription at an affordable fee. Sometimes there are so many functions, exhibitions and so many other activities that take place in the city and imagine you want to attend but maybe you cannot because the entrance fee is high or you just don’t want to pay a penny, guess what, the student card will help you out of this grief, you’ll either have free entrance or a discount, sounds good no?  Studying here has never been unstimulating because day after day you learn something new; even the one who’s least interests lie in academics will still have something instilled in him or her. The lecturers are very professional and competent. 
A bachelors’ degree is 4 years and I’d recommend everyone planning to do a bachelor’s degree, make sure you pursue a master’s degree as well. It will grant you more credit to yourself. Think about it. Generally studying here is pretty interesting but, one might encounter a few obnoxious things that might seem to be problematic but can be undertaken. The language barrier and passing your exams alone, with your head and only your head.
Every foreign student is obliged to have a one-year Russian language course which is intended to help students begin speaking the language freely and of course understand the lectures that are conducted in English. Passing exams; most of us, Africans, are used to the traditional study methods of grasping school material by forming discussion groups.
 I’m sorry to disappoint you because it doesn’t work here. The principle is ‘man is a wolf to a fellow man’ (человек человеку волк). Students are predominantly too preoccupied with themselves and there’s nearly nobody to rely on, just you and yourself. I’d look at this as a stepping stone that prompts you to work hard, to learn how to rely on yourself, to be responsible and I assure you that if you look at this positively you will surely make it, this is from personal experience.
The writer is a Ugandan student at Lomonosov Moscow State University majoring in international relations