Celebrities facing wrath of public scrutiny

By Bayan Nalubwama

There is a belief that if you are a public figure, you have to be perfect and so many artistes' have lost chances to true love and happiness simply because of that.

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Many artistes' followers and fans think celebrities come from a different planet and their hearts don't beat the same way as mine and yours do.

The notion that Judith Babirye or Maureen Nantume should not have snatched a married man should end. Remah too has a life of her own. Who told social media in-laws that she deserves to be with Kenzo?

Many of these musicians’ love lives have become the talk of the town simply because their fans look up to them.

Hello! Give me a break! Her blood is as red as yours and her feelings matter too.

"Remah's marriage will not survive with Dr. Hamza. See what happened to Judith Babirye and Maureen Nantume. They snatched other women's husbands and see what happened to them" said a Facebook in-law.

Like where do you get the audacity to predict someone else’s relationship or marriage?

There is a belief that if you are a public figure, you have to be perfect and so many artistes' have lost chances to true love and happiness simply because of that.

This other belief of saying musicians cannot settle with anyone because they work overtime and are seen and loved by many has also made non-public figures lose the hope of finding life partners within the performing world.

Titie Tabel a musician and radio host took her steps from the Katongole relationship to Deo Sserunjoji's and she is happily married.

Katongole recently revealed that the two had had a mutual separation but were afraid of revealing it to the public.

Poor Juliana Kanyomozi! The Tororo princess has not had any rest from her followers. You are all over her everywhere. Today she is pregnant, tomorrow she is not. The next day you attack her for giving relationship and self-love advice saying she is a failure when it comes to love. Do you even know what she wants?

 ulianas private life has come under public scrutiny Juliana’s private life has come under public scrutiny


I remember Julie Mutesasira’s reign. Nobody attacked her for praising her then-husband pastor Steven Mutesasira through her Ekikunyumira and gwenjagala songs. However, daughters of maama Tendo have been all over her ever since her marriage crumbled. Some claim she is now attracted to fellow women.

Fans, you are giving these people a hard time yet their talents bring you happiness. Isn’t that being unfair?

Remember when you said Remah is too good for Eddy Kenzo and vice versa? Why are you now preaching the "they belong together message"?

I heard musician Chris Evans oh sorry uncle Chris advising female musicians to either choose between marriage and fame or not bother tampering with the idea of having a life partner.

Chris Evans, this is where you go wrong! There are many celebrity marriages that have lived the test of time.

  udith abirye recently separated with her husband Judith Babirye recently separated from her husband


Weird fact is many men and women date performers only to tell how it feels like to be part of them. This is where the stars become unlucky. They are never understood.

Just because she chants love songs does not mean she is Venus. Sometimes, she sings what the heart is yearning for not what it is ready to offer.

What artistes need now is to be accepted and thought of as any other person because whenever things go wrong, their consequences are sometimes worse than anybody else’s.


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