Kiwanuka knocks out Mbikayi in 35 seconds

By Johnson Were

'The Killing Machine' who is pursuing a career in professional boxing, finishing off opponents in no time is his hobby

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It was yet another fight that lasted less than a minute fight as Ugandan heavyweight boxer Shafik 'The Killing Machine' Kiwanuka knocked down his opponent from DR Congo, Tyson Mbikayi, at Lugogo Arena.

The fight that lasted only 35 seconds left fans with mixed emotions.

First, the knockdown sent the fans wild in jubilation, but that did last long as they argued among themselves over how long the fight should have lasted.

bikayi ducks a jab from hafik iwanuka during the short lived fight hoto by ohnson ereMbikayi ducks a jab from Shafik Kiwanuka during the short lived fight. Photo by Johnson Were


However, to Kiwanuka who is pursuing a career in professional boxing, finishing off opponents in no time is his hobby.

“The journey in my professional career has just started. I have a long journey, the earlier I clear my way, the better,” Kiwanuka stated.

His coach Abdu Tebazalwa said that the fans may have wanted to see a long fight but that is boxing because the earlier you kill off the opponent, the better.

iwanuka arrives in the ring wearing a arth ader mask and chains hoto by ohnson ereKiwanuka arrives in the ring wearing a Darth Vader mask and chains. Photo by Johnson Were


“I know where the fans’ concern is, but in boxing, you do not give the opponent a chance for those lucky punches he may land on. You finish him off quickly so that you do not regret,” Tebazalwa said.

He also contended that his fighter is still lacking footwork, an area he is going to concentrate on in training.

In the undercard bouts Latib Muwonge beat Saddam Mukasa, Sgt Alidna Muzei of UPDF beat Ben Ssajjabi of Police, while Joseph Mpungu and Roderick Okot tied.