Empower children to preserve the environment, says Kabaka’s adviser

By Lawrence Kizito

He also stressed the importance of planting and preserving the indigenous tree species, saying that they provide medicine and other items like the backcloth.

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WAKISO - Apollo Makubuya, the chief adviser to Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has urged parents and teachers to teach children how to plant trees and preserve the environment. According to Makubuya, this will help in overcoming problems such as drought and soil erosion.

Makubuya said this while addressing the old students of St. Mark’s College Namagoma, on the third Alumni dinner that took place on Saturday last week at the school premises in Namagoma Wakiso district. He was the guest of honor at the function.

He also stressed the importance of planting and preserving the indigenous tree species, saying that they provide medicine and other items like the backcloth.

The former deputy prime minister, who started by planting a tree in the school compound, advised students to identify their goals and purpose in life saying that this will help them to direct their energies in the right direction.

He thanked the directors of the school, Daniel Ddamulira and his wife Alice Ddamulira for building the spirit of togetherness among the old students, through organising seminars and inspiration talks that are pertinent in their careers.

He advised the Alumni of this school to expand the activities of their association to include SACCOs and investment clubs so that they develop their financial base together.

 t arks ollege amagoma chool hoir performing on the third lmni dinner of old students St. Mark's College Namagoma School Choir performing on the third Almni dinner of old students

Ddamulira said that the need to build a permanent school forced them to create a strong alumni association, to develop people who will fight for the school even when the directors are not around.

He added that every last Friday of the month they organize a career talk to the old students to make sure that they continue to build them in work ethics and discipline.

Ddamulira also revealed that they are planning to create associations in different universities that unite their old students with the aim of strengthening unity among them.

The chairman of the board Peter Jjemba Kaggwa, said they have worked tirelessly to bring every stakeholder of the school together and today every vein of the institution is functioning well.

Rebecca Nassuuna who spoke on behalf of the alumni president asked her colleagues to attract other students, especially from their families to join the school so that it grows stronger.

 pollo akubuya awarding r and rs damulira Apollo Makubuya awarding Mr and Mrs Ddamulira

Rev. Godfrey Luswata who blessed the function related it to the parents of Jesus who went looking for him after he had disappeared from them, and went to preach in the Synagogue. He said that this will help the old students to grow in body and spirit and urged other schools to take this as an example.

This function was attended by the headteacher of Trinity College Nabbingo Dorothy Matovu and Peter Ssenyimba the deputy headteacher of King’s College Buddo.