Why you should visit a dentist

By Stella Naigino

Different health studies reveal that 90% of the world’s population likely suffers from oral diseases in their lifetime.

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Eveline Nakibule a 22-year-old, had never visited a dentist in her life little did she know that she would develop a complication that would force her to visit one.
Nakibule said that making dental visits is expensive and since she never felt the need to, for her it would be wasting money.
However, one evening she felt itchy around her lower teeth something she did not pay attention to. But when the itching increased, Nakibule continued scratching where it was itching and with time, she started feeling pain.
“At this point, I was advised to go to hospital to see a dentist for medical attention. But since it was late in the night, I decided to spend a night home and go the next morning,” says Nakibule.
“However, by morning my lower jaw had swollen and by the time I reached hospital, I was in much pain that after the doctor examining me, he asked me to hold on as he investigated what could have triggered the itching and swelling around my lower jaw,” she explains.
The investigations did take a while but since Nakibule was in pain, she was put on pain killers and when the investigations were done, she was told that her situation needed an operation, which went on well at Mulago Hospital.
Later she was told that if she had seen the dentist early enough, her condition would have been dealt with and she wouldn’t be operated.
Today she tells whoever cares to listen to her the benefits of visiting a dentist regularly and the dangers of not seeing a  dentist.


Different health studies reveal that 90% of the world’s population likely suffers from oral diseases in their lifetime.
But experts say, when someone visits a dentist at least every three months, the occurrence of dental issues in such people becomes minimal.
Dr James Obia from Mulago Hospital says Oral hygiene is a requirement for everyone but once ignored, one faces dental issues which in the long run becomes expensive.
He says visiting a dentist at a given date is important because it helps you learn how to take care of your teeth.
Dr Obia says some people use their teeth to bite hard things something that damages them and causes them to break. If they visit a dentist, they will be given information on how to take care of teeth.
He adds that some people are in the habit of accessorizing their teeth with different things little do they know that such things accumulate dirt that damages their teeth in the long run. If such people make it a habit to visit their dentists, they will be told the dos and don’ts while dealing with teeth.
Learn how to brush and when
Dr Esther Lukwago a dentist with Kay Dental says this looks like basic information but surely people don’t know how and when to brush. This information can only be given by a dentist to a patient only if the patient endeavours to visit the dentist even when they are not feeling pain in their teeth