Consider using plastic tiles to beautify your interior

By Stella Naigino

“They are easy to install, as they just interlock on each other. They are firm enough to stay whenever placed.“

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Engineers demonstrating how the tile is being installed. Picture by Stella Naigino
Tiling a house is one thing that comes at a cost but also gives your house a good look that you might have longed for.
Much as there are different types of tiles on the market, whatever type one goes for, should be intended to add beauty and style to their home.
Isaac Mutyaba, a business man, who is constructing his home has already invested in plastic tiles as he believes it will satisfy his flooring needs.
He notes that much as his house is at the roofing level when it gets to flooring, he will simply place concrete then have the plastic tile placed on his floor.
“I saw this at a friend’s place and I loved it. The look was seemingly good that I couldn’t believe it was a plastic tile. Mixed with stone and other ingredients, it works well,” says Mutyaba.
He adds that much as his friend had the ceramic tile placed in other rooms while the plastic is in the sitting room, Mutyaba intends to floor his entire house with the plastic tile.
Why plastic tiles?
Brian Musinguzi, the marketing manager Gentex, notes that plastic tiles are user-friendly and many homeowners have embraced them. They are easy to install and one doesn’t need cement, grout or even spacers to install plastic tiles.
“They are easy to install, as they just interlock on each other. They are firm enough to stay whenever placed, “he notes.
Musinguzi notes that the plastic tiles can even be placed on top of the ceramic tiles and the home can achieve a beautiful floor look.
He says that plastic tiles can work perfectly for people who are renting houses which have floors that are not tiled. 
“You can have them installed in the house and when shifting, they can be removed by the tenant and taken with them, “he notes.
Besides that, the plastic tiles are always warm compared to ceramic tiles, during cold seasons.
Musinguzi says plastic tiles are cost friendly compared to the ceramic tiles, and they have durability of over 50 years.

 You dont need cement or grout to install plastic tiles. Picture by Stella Naigino

Mutyaba notes that management is not hard. These tiles can be cleaned like any other tiles since they are water proof so water doesn’t affect them in any form.
They are also made specifically for in doors as one cannot have them put on a veranda as they can expand.
He adds that the appearance does not differ from that of other tiles and another advantage is that they are slip resistant.
Beauty they bring to your home
Winnie Nalule an interior designer notes that for places like the sitting room, the tiles will work wonders for you.
Remember, a sitting room is the heart of a home, and should be kept shinning with style and creative decorative items.
“With such creativity, your living room will speak more about your style and personality and also give it a unified look, “she says.
She adds that having them in different shapes, designs and colours will not only help you change the look of your home floor but also help you save on spending.
Plastic tiles can be placed in the kitchen, bedrooms and living rooms in addition to a plastic wall tile which is made in the form of a board.