Muyingo to graduates: Give your work a professional touch

By Paul Kiwuuwa

“The job market worldwide needs persons with skills with a professional touch that leads to excellence and competition."

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The Minister of State for Higher Education, Dr. John Chrysostom Muyingo has asked graduates to put a professional touch in execution of their work in order to succeed in life and career.
“The job market worldwide needs persons with skills with a professional touch that leads to excellence and competition.” Muyingo said in an interview.
“Common among graduates, as long as the job is not in line with their area of study, they will flout it.  In Europe, most of the hairdressers and barbers operating in saloons are graduates, however they do their work with a professional touch and commitment unlike the Ugandan graduates who shun doing hair dressing jobs,” said Muyingo.
Some people think that certain jobs are demeaning yet they are actually highly paying.
Muyingo who is also the Bamunanika County MP warned graduates not to shun any jobs under the pretext that it is not in line with their professions.
“No job should be despised because as long as you have your academic credentials intact, these jobs will only serve as stepping stones to greater heights,” he said.
He pointed out:  “The main reason for the high unemployment among the youth could be pegged to the fact that some unemployed people despise certain jobs, among other reasons, something that definitely needs to be reconsidered.”
“I don’t regret why I took up  the teaching professional, because it has made me one of the  richest teachers in Uganda, in fact I'm a role model teacher and  many people would like to follow in my footsteps, because I contribute to the economic development of the country," Muyingo added.
 “I have achieved this because I put professionalism  first in my career,” Muyingo explained.
He said in Uganda, many people think being a teacher is because one had no better options.
Muyingo explained:  “I got annoyed and worried when Makerere University did not take me for the engineering course which I had applied for , because I missed by just one point, When I joined  Makerere University in 1983.
I graduated in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science with a Diploma in Education, I also graduated with a  Master of Arts in Educational Management, in 1996, and a Doctor of Philosophy obtained in 2004, both from Makerere University however, I am  far much better than those who were admitted  for engineering during  that year.”