ISO boss warns against sectarianism

By Jeff Andrew Lule

“I urge all leaders and Ugandans at different levels to avoid sectarianism based on politics, religion, and tribes.

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ISO Boss, Col Kaka Bagyenda addressing LC Chairpersons during a security meeting in Kampala on March 28, 2019. Photos by Abou Kisige


KAMPALA - Political parties have been urged to desist from the politics of sectarianism, stressing that this is only fueling insecurity in the country.

The Director General, Internal Security Organisation (ISO), Col Kaka Bagyenda said dividing people based on political affiliations, religion and ethnicity has greatly affected development in the county.

“I urge all leaders and Ugandans at different levels to avoid sectarianism based on politics, religion, and tribes. When we took over power in 1986; these are the things we found and we tried to end,” he noted.

Bagyenda noted that despite the efforts of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) to create peace and unity over the past 30 years, it is unfortunate that the same things are starting to reemerge.

“This is not good for anyone in this country and it doesn’t take us anywhere,” he added.

 ome of the  hairpersons attending the security meeting Some of the LC Chairpersons attending the security meeting

Bagyenda made the remarks while meeting Local Council I and II leaders and security officials in Kampala.

During the meeting at Old Kampala Secondary School on Thursday, he urged LC leaders to work closely with the security organs to fight crime.

He asked them to desist from sectarianism as they execute their duties, saying their leadership should benefit all people irrespective of the political parties they belong.

“Security and development move together. If there is insecurity; we cannot achieve anything. We must promote unity with purpose; that is why LCs and security organs must work together. As leaders on the ground, you must promote patriotism starting with yourselves,” he added.

Bagyenda said a robust security system can be achieved when people are united as one, stressing that LCs are the country’s first security line.

He noted that when he had just taken over as ISO boss, he found many fights among bodaboda groups in Kampala, but managed to end the impasse through uniting them.

  boss rank aka agyenda right and the ampala  aridah ayanja piima chatting during a security meeting ISO boss Frank Kaka Bagyenda (right) and the Kampala RDC Faridah Mayanja Mpiima chatting during a security meeting

“I helped them start up Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisations (SACCOs) and are doing well. But what will they have achieved by fighting? Today we still have fights among taxi operators which is bad for the country,” he said.

Bagyenda noted that the wrong elements always fuel such fights to destabilize the country.

He said corruption and political opportunism result from sectarianism; which must be avoided.

He added: “As security organs, we are neutral and belong to no political group. Leaders must help unite our people”.

He said where money is given for development; it must be shared equally without looking at who has benefited.

“Everyone needs to develop irrespective of the parties they belong,” he added.

Bagyenda said if NRM wants to stay in power; they should build a strong foundation without diving Ugandans. “This should also apply to all opposition parties,” he added.

He asked all LC leaders to join SACCOs and encourage their people to join, saying it is the easiest way of sharing the cake.

The Kampala Residential City Commissioner, Faridah Mayanja Mpiima said LCs have a duty to mobilize the people to promote peace and unity, monitor and supervise government programmes.

“LCs are key in promoting peace, security, and development. You must help security to fight crime,” she noted.

The Kampala Central Division Mayor, Charles Serunjogi asked leaders to start registering their residents in their respective areas to easily know them and what they do.

“This will help you deal with the wrong elements. Insecurity affects all of us, no matter which party you support,” he added.

The Kampala Metropolitan Commander, Moses Kafeero Kabugo said they have completed installing cameras in all the five divisions.

“This is going to effectively help in fighting crime. We also ask LCs to deal with the issue of drug abuse among the youths. It is the major driver of crime,” he noted.

Rehema Lutale, the Rubaga division women council, said the government needs to start paying salaries to LC leaders given the work they do.