Abandoned girl grateful to good Samaritans

By Gladys Kalibbala

Nagawa who suffers from heart disease had been at this hospital since November 25 2018 when she was admitted in a critical condition.

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Safina Nagawa, who was abandoned at the hospital in Luwero receives money contributed by good samaritans while the hospital administrator Sister Ernestine Akulu and a good samaritan Messach Basiita looks on at the hospital. (Picture by Gladys Kalibbala)

It was like a dream coming true for Safina Nagawa who was abandoned by her family at Bishop Caesar Asili Hospital in Luwero town. 

When her story was published recently, good Samaritans responded by sending her money to help her go through her dilemma. 

She was all smiles when an amount of shs 445,000 from good Samaritans was handed to her at the hospital. 

This amount was contributed by Francis Semaganda, shs 50,000, Othieno – shs 20,000, Joseph Niwagaba – shs 30,000, Robert Kagya shs 195,000 and Herbert Tushabe with shs 150,000 which made a total of shs 445,000. 

Nagawa who suffers from heart disease had been at this hospital since November 25 2018 when she was admitted in a critical condition. 

According to Dr Evelyn Mangeni who has treated her since her admission, Nagawa’s condition has improved a bit but she urgently needs to get appropriate treatment at Mulago Heart Institute. 

“She has an enlarged heart and would benefit greatly if experts in this field work on her case,” Dr Mangeni explained.

Help her get treatment at Mulago:

Although her family abandoned her here because of a hospital bill amounting to 2.3m, the hospital’s administrator Sister Ernestine Akulu calls upon good Samaritans to come up and contribute to her treatment at Mulago first. 

She explained during the time she was badly off and was kept on oxygen most of the time, management thought of taking her to Mulago but feared to abandon her alone there. 

Sister Akulu thanked all those who contributed towards Nagawa’s cause which she says brightened her life. 

“She was so depressed and had lost all hope but when you sent her money we could even see her eyes shining with joy which she had lost for long,” she explained. 

Nagawa thanked good Samaritans and Vision Group for publishing her condition which helped in getting her assistance.

 “Yes, I know I have a bill here to pay but at least I can get some good food today as I have money to buy it. This gesture I believe has given me some more days as I had lost hope and thought I was dying any time,” she says.

 A relative had advised her to escape from hospital as the family could not afford to pay the bill but Safina refused. 

She explained that the management at the hospital had stood by her when all family members had run away, and runningng away would be the last thing she can ever think of.

To help Nagawa clear hospital bills and get further treatment contact 0782811445 or gkalibbala2@gmail.com