Ugandans mourn Bamwoze

By Jackie Nambogga

Nabwiso says it was Bamwoze’s initiative to revive the Kyando shrines where the First Ugandan Anglican Bishop, James Hanington was murdered under the command of Kabaka Mwanga.

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As Busoga mourns the demise of Bishop Emeritus, Cyprian Kikuni Bamwoze, several people have praised him for leaving a legacy behind.

According to former Kagoma legislator and a historian of Busoga issues, Prof. Dr. Frank Nabwiso, Bamwoze Busoga made several monuments during his 27 year tenure as Bishop from 1972 to 1999.

They range from promoting health, education and transforming members of the community economically.

Nabwiso says Bamwoze, together with the late Kyabazinga, Henry Wako Muloki were the brains behind the Busoga University, which was established in 1995.

Whereas it has been taken over by the Government, Nabwiso says it is important for the institute to retain its name in memory of Bamwoze.

“I am requesting President Museveni to retain the University’s name and motto in memory of Bamwoze,” he says.

Also, he says Bamwooze was the first to sell the idea to fellow bishops to establish the Anglican universities.

 Frank Nabwiso

While Bishop, Nabwiso says Bamwoze authorized a number of secondary schools to be established by the Church of Uganda.

He cites St. James SS, Pilkington College Muguluka, St.Andrews Naminage, St. Peters' Buweera, Lubani SS, St.Stephen Budondo and Nawaikoke among others.

Also, Nabwiso cited the Family Life Education Programme (FLEP), an organization under Busoga diocese which he initiated in 1985.

The organization whose offices are located along Bax road in Jinja town looks after 49 health clinics across Busoga and it champions reproduction programmes like family planning and maternal health.

Nabwiso says it was Bamwoze’s initiative to revive the Kyando shrines where the First Ugandan Anglican Bishop, James Hanington was murdered under the command of Kabaka Mwanga.

As a result, the diocese gazatted every October 29 as a pilgrim to Kyando in memory of Hannington.

“This is Uganda’s second shrine after Namugongo,” he says.

Further, Nabwiso says while bishop, Bamwoze established the Busoga Institute for rural development (BIRD) in Naminage Kamuli where he trained church workers theology and how to be able to work in the community.

He says those talking of the Busoga consortium, this institute can be revived to promote the region’s interests.

“He encouraged the church to establish a number of secondary schools and in that sense, he made a contribution to the nation,” Nabwiso remarks.

Nabwiso says Bamwoze had focus for the rural people under his concept of the Multi-Sectoral Rural Development Programme (MSRDP).

Despite preaching the gospel in church, Nabwiso says Bamwoze promoted agriculture in society for economic empowerment, sanitation and hygiene.

Daudi Migereko
The former minister for lands, housing and urban development Daudi Migereko says Bamwoze believed in a transformation agenda.

“Whenever he had an opportunity to deliver a sermon, he would provide meaningful messages to deal with critical problems,” Migereko says.

He says Bamwoze, through the church promoted dairy farming of zero grazing that uplifted people’s living standards.

 Daudi Migereko

“His demise is bad news but fortunately, he has left when he had shared his transformative ideas with many people who had time with him and his family,” he said.

He added that: “One can’t be in the world forever however useful they are, what we need to do is to pass on good ideas to perpetuate the struggle.