Karimojong, Turkana herders receive sanitation boost

By Olandason Wanyama

“Now with these Jericans, I will be able to fetch water for the family and even wash our faces,” Omanimani said.

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MOROTO- Over 100 families of the Turkana and Karimojong residing in Moroto have benefited from the friends of the homeless in collaboration with the district leadership aimed at improving water and sanitation in the grazing areas.

The former distributed water containers, cups and bars of soap. Others included clothing for children, women and men.

Whereas the district rehabilitated a borehole and constructed a new one to cater for rising water demand for over 3, 000 pastoralists residing in Naput camp among others in the area, a few kilometers’ to the Uganda- Kenya border.

Sabina Omanimani, a Turkana mother of four said water shortage and clothing was significant in the lives of the pastoralists.

She said since our arrival three weeks ago from North Western Kenya we have been facing difficulties in collecting water hence poor hygiene.

“Now with these Jericans, I will be able to fetch water for the family and even wash our faces,” Omanimani  said.

She however, appealed to friends of the homeless to provide them with cooking utensils saying families have to hire or borrow sauce pans to cook.

The LC1 of Naput village, Lowanyang said the availability of water and containers and clothing was a huge stride.


 Friends of the homeless distribute water containers in Naput

“Our challenge has  been safe water and containers,” he said adding that the intervention will improve lives of families.

He said the few containers will now be used in the storage of milk and ghee for families.

Lowanyang commended the district and the charity team for the organising the event that benefited poverty stricken families.

While addressing the herders, Catherine Anyango an official attached to Friends of the homeless said the dream to support those leading a rough life had come true.

“It is such a  shame to find human beings so dirty, “she said. Anyango urged the herders to make use of the water containers, cups, shoes and soap to improve on their hygiene saying the involvement is a step forward.

“Do not sell these items to buy illicit liquor but ensure your wives and children benefit from the drive,” she said.

Anyango congratulated the families and individuals who donated the items for the homeless to continue with a helping hand.

She encouraged the elites and able families to work together and ensure Karamoja does not rely on the outside world.

“Joining hands we can support our fellow Karimojong,” Anyango said.

The district chairperson Moroto Andrew Keem Napaja said with a new murram road in place and reliable sources of water, life will improve in the area.

He said a police post will soon be set up in the area to counter criminals who steal animals from the herders.

Napaja urged the herders to stay peaceful in their joint settlement saying government of Uganda will soon embark on providing better health for them.

He asked both parties to desist from casual sex saying this could lead to HIV/ AIDS and other sexually related disease infections