Progress of MoDVA contribution towards achievement of Vision 2040

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The remaining period of NDP II will see MoDVA establish a National Defence College (NDC).

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The Uganda Vision 2040 identifies Defence, Peace and Security as one of the key fundamentals that must be strengthened to harness growth opportunities in Uganda. The same Vision recognises that “Ugandans aspire to live and work in a peaceful, secure and stable country”.

Two National Development Plans (2010/11- 2014/15 & 2015/16-2019/20) have so far been implemented in the fulfilment of the Uganda Vision 2040. The National Development Plans point out that professionalization of the Defence Forces remains key in the achievement of the Defence Missions. Focus therefore has been put on the areas of military capability generation and consolidation; Combat Service Support and Veterans Affairs.

Significant performance was registered in the highlighted areas as below;

1. Capability of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces

The capability and capacity of UPDF was consolidated and enhanced through the development of sufficient force levels, weapon systems and requisite training that moved in tandem with technological advancement and changing security environment. The Ministry acquired, refurbished, upgraded and maintained defence equipment to improve the Land, Air and Special Forces in aspects like fire power, command and control, troop protection, mobility and sustainability.

The Force undertook enlistment; military training both within Uganda and with friendly countries, career development and retirement of its officers and militants in accordance with terms and conditions of service. Training is continuous for both peace-time and war-time missions and operations.

The remaining period of NDP II will see MoDVA establish a National Defence College (NDC). The College will admit strategic leaders from the wider government and international community.

2. Combat Service Support:

Measures were put in place to strengthen Combat Service Support by providing logistical support to the troops to sustain their operations and combat readiness. Logistical support boosted mobility, deployability and morale of troops at all times particularly during Force generation, deployment and recovery operations leading to threat deterrence. To ensure combat readiness, UPDF provided food stuffs, uniforms, food, field hospitals and medicare to UPDF and family.

3. Defence Infrastructure

The Ministry successfully developed the First and Second Defence Strategic Infrastructure Investment Plan to guide the general infrastructure needs and developments. Key achievements to note were;