HIV patients in Kyere abandon use of ARVS

By Alexander Okori

Mackey Elesu, the health information assistant at Art Clinic, Kyere health centre III said they have learnt that a number of HIV patients are not taking ARVs

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HIV/AIDs patients in Kyere sub-county, Serere district are skipping antiretroviral treatment (ARVs) while others have completely abandoned the drugs, authorities have said.

Mackey Elesu, the health information assistant  at Art Clinic, Kyere Health Centre III said they have learnt that a number of HIV  patients are not taking ARVs.  Elesu said the the patients seem to believe that they are free of HIV as their condition has stablised.

He explained that ARV treatments do not cure HIV/AIDS, adding that  patients who test negative are those whose viral load has been suppressed.

Elesu therefore urged them to take ARVs for the rest of their lives inorder to reduce the HIV virus in the blood to the point where the immune system, which is affected by HIV, can start to recover.

According to Elesu, if HIV patients stop taking ARVs, the strain of HIV may become resistant to the drugs.