DP condemns Arua shooting

By Faith Amongin

"We are telling the president to shape up before it’s too late for him," said the DP spokesperson, Kenneth Paul Kakande.

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PIC: DP spokesperson, Kenneth Paul Kakande. (File photo)


KAMPALA - The Democratic Party (DP) has lashed out at the Uganda Police Force over the Arua incident that claimed one life and multiple injuries on Monday evening.

The peaceful election descended into chaos on the last day of the campaigns when supporters of independent candidate, Kasiano Wadri and those of NRM’s Nusura Tiperu clashed along the way.

Tthere was also a reported attack on President Museveni’s motorcade as he left Boma grounds, prompting the Special Forces Command (SFC) to fire bullets in a bid to ‘calm the situation’ that was seemingly getting out of hand.

Wadri’s supporters retaliated by pelting stones at the SFC soldiers and it was the resultant commotion that Yasin Kawooya, Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi‘s driver was shot dead.

It is against this background that DP condemns and accuses the police and army of being partisan thus using lethal force.

“The police are conducting themselves in a partisan manner which should not be tolerated in Uganda.

"The president and the army are taking the law into their own hands. We are telling the president to shape up before it’s too late for him,” said Kenneth Paul Kakande, the DP spokesperson.

“It has become a custom that in every election we lose lives; we lost one in Bugiri and now this one. He was a young man with a future ahead of him; he could not have died in such a manner,” Kakande said.

Kakande made the remarks when addressing journalists during the weekly press briefing at the party secretariat at City House in Kampala.

The party also faulted the Electoral Commission (EC) for being dysfunctional by failing to take charge of process and instead leaving it in the hands of the security agencies.

“The terror of these people has paralysed the elections and the EC seems to be helpless. Elections cannot go on when the agents of one of the candidates are being held, when the police, the army and their ammunition are in full control; those cannot be called elections,” Kakande stated.

“We call upon the chairman of the EC to tell us if he is under siege, or if his power has been taken over by the SFC.

"Let him say it so we see the next step, otherwise the situation as it stands cannot precipitate into a free and fair election,” he said.

The party reiterated its call on the opposition to unite and stand as one front especially in such ‘trying moments.’

“This moment does not call for colours, it does not matter where one comes from, whether you’re red, blue or green the country comes first. This is about Uganda and not about political affiliations, when things fall apart nobody is going to survive,” Kakande said.

The election slated for Wednesday  has attracted 10 other candidates and these are Bruce Musema (FDC), Kennedy Madira (DP), Jaffar Alekua (JEEMA). The independents in the race are; Francis Elton Nyero, Sunday Anguandia, Alfred Nyakuni, Jackson Atima, Simon Avutia, Safi Bavuga and Robert Ejiku.

The seat fell vacant on June 6 after former MP Ibrahim Abiriga was murdered by alongside his brother Saidi Buga who was also his bodyguard.