National Pool Open to accomodate ladies category

By Faith Kiai

The winners of the women’s competition get to drive away in a Toyota Raum and 1m shillings.

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Nile special National Open qualifiers

Mini Qualifiers August 24th

Regionals September 14th


Regionals September 14th

Finals Draws October 23th

Grand Final October 27th

KAMPALA - For the first time in history of the Nile Special National Pool Open, women will participate in a tournament set to cue off on August 24 and end in the grand final on October 27.

The two-month long tournament will be in about 250 venues with over 5000 participants.

The winners of the women’s competition get to drive away in a Toyota Raum and sh1m while the men’s winners will drive away in a Toyota Altezza and sh1m.

Nile Special decided to tap into the women’s end of the sport because they believe women have a lot to offer.

“We appreciate the effort ladies put into the game and that’s what we want to promote across the national scale.

"Their stories could inspire many out there and with that, the brand will have achieved its goals,” Nyende said.

This year the organisers have reduced on the size of the top prize because they would like to ensure other competitors also receive a worthy prize.

Before, the overall winner would walk away with the biggest chunk of the prize money but this time they have ensured that those in second place also get something worthwhile.

Second position for women will receive, a super league table and sh3m, third will receive sh1.5m and fourth sh750000. 

Participants that will end in the fourth to eighth place with receive sh350000 while nineth to 16 will receive sh200000.

The men's second runner up will take a pool table and sh4m while the third will bag sh2m and fourth will get sh1m. Fifth to eigth placed will receive sh250,000.