Uganda picks valuable water polo tips from Belgium

By Michael Nsubuga

It was a complete mismatch from which the Ugandans learnt a lot on ball handling, defense, speed and shooting among others.

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It turned out to be a training routine as Uganda took on the visiting Belgium national team in a water polo match at Greenhill Academy pool.

In the end, not much can be written on the 17-4 result the Belgians registered against a makeshift Ugandan outfit that was only playing their maiden match in a sportthat is only taking root in the country.

It was all about picking tips on how things are done and grasping the rules of the game from their more experienced visitors who seemed to enjoy and were eager to pass on tips, and displayed fantastic technique during the match. 

It was a complete mismatch from which the Ugandans learnt a lot on ball handling, defense, speed and shooting among others.

According to the Ugandan team coach Eric Kisero, now that they have tested the waters, they are looking forward to playing their first national championship in July from which they will select a team to play more games against Egypt and South Africa in December.

“The sport is barely a year in the country, but we shall track the players and select a national team to continue developing the sport. In July we shall have our first national championship as part our developing program,” Kisero noted.

Vianney Lusimbo, one of the coaches who participated in the game was also optimistic the game will blossom.

“At least we have managed to grasp the basic rules from an experienced side and with more practice we believe we shall get there. We only to need to practice consistently and we should get to the desired level,” Lusimbo noted

Brian Kisakye, one of the other contestants said Uganda only need to dedicate more time and training to the sport while Rachael Galinda one of the female participants found the sport fun but tiresome though she was okay with it and scored one of the Ugandan goals.

“There is a lot to learn for them but there is room for improvement because in the end they put up some good display. They are only standing out but if the sport is initiated at some point they will get somewhere,’’ Gil Gram one the visiting team players said.

The Belgium team comprised of Ben Vandoren, Wouter Janssens, Lukas Dekeyser, Joris Leemen, Adrian Van Eetvelde and Ton Roobaert while the Ugandan team had Chris Gregory, Rachael Galinda, Amos Bakka, Ampaire Namanya, Paul Musoke, Brian Kisakye among over 30 others who tried out the game.