Born on the same day, same mother, but different fathers

By Vision Reporter

Each of the two believed he was the father of Rashida Nakabugo’s three-year-old twins; Immaculate Babirye and Leticia Nakato. However, they were in for a rude shock.

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PIC: Ssegane (second left), Nakabugo and Ssengendo at the health facility before the results were announced

Surprise as twins born of the same mother on the same day were found to belong to different fathers.

The DNA test was carried out at Health Viber Diagnostics Centre in Wandegeya at Ham Towers in Kampala.

The testing was prompted by a disagreement between two men who claimed to have fathered the twins. The conflict was between Joseph Baseka Sengendo, 25, of Nakirebe in Mpigi district and Patrick Ssegane, 30 of Nakasozi, Buddo in Wakiso district.

Each of the two believed he was the father of Rashida Nakabugo’s three-year-old twins; Immaculate Babirye and Leticia Nakato. 

It is reported that Ssengendo is the husband to Nakabugo, but she has also been in love with Ssegane. The Ssegane and Ssengendo are reportedly related.

Ssengendo says when the babies were born, Nakabugo left home when they were two months. She said she was going upcountry.

The next he heard about her was that she had got married to his brother Ssegane.

Ssegane says he accepted her because she had separated with her husband, but was not sure the children were his. However, when the children grew up, he says he wanted to know the truth on the paternity of the children

Dr. Nelson Mwesige of Health Viber diagnostics centre says the DNA tests were done in Ohio, USA. He says it was Ssegane who approached him first, last month requesting for the test.

The results show that his baby is Babirye.

“This confused us, so we asked him to bring the mother of the babies so that we confirm if they are both from the same mother,” says Mwesige.

Dr. Mwesige says he asked them to bring another man who lays claim to the babies so that he is also tested.

The results from Ssengendo showed that he was the father of Nakato. The parents were called to the health facility to tell them the results from the DNA tests done.

The men were accompanied by their mother, Robinah Namusisi, who says she had been trying to counsel them.

After counselling them, the results were read, to which Ssengendo opposed, saying it is not possible and he cannot believe that twins can have different fathers. “I don’t want to waste your time. Even that child you claim to be mine, I have given her to you,” he said.

Ssegane says since he is the one who brought the idea of the test, he will take care of both children, although their mother wanted an agreement signed so that Ssegane takes care of the babies and their mother and when they grow up, Ssengendo’s child can go.