University Guide is informative — human resource managers

By Vision Reporter

Edith Anderu, the human resource manager of Samaritan Purse in Bugolobi, Kampala, said the University Guide has always carried vital information that is a “must-read”.

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Are you a university student, or are you planning to join university? If so, you are also set to look for a job at the end of your three or five-year course.

Chances are high that you will meet a human resource officer. Such managers are tasked with screening and assessing the staff to hire in most companies.

Some human resource officers who talked to New Vision advised students to read the University Guide. Edith Anderu, the human resource manager of Samaritan Purse in Bugolobi, Kampala, said the University Guide has always carried vital information that is a “must-read”.

“I read New Vision’s University Guide, and it is always informative. I encourage parents and students to read it too,” she said. “I highly recommend students to read this guide, but most especially parents, because their involvement in their children’s career path is key,” she added.

Anderu was glad that apart from it talking about courses and tuition fees for different universities, the guide also addresses issues of internship placements. She explained that many universities send students for internship to different organisations to gain experience, but unfortunately, many do not do it. Bank of India human resource manager Doris Asasiira also noted that the guide is a good read for all university entrants.

Asasiira said the guide details why one needs to remain open-minded when it comes to employment. “In this era, getting a job may not be easy. This is the more reason you must be informed by those who have studied these trends.

“Unlike courses such as law and engineering, a person who did a business course at the university can work anywhere. Most graduates may not know that. People need to remain open-minded, work anywhere they get a job, gain experience until they get a job related to what they studied,” she said. “I am glad the University Guide addresses such issues and I encourage students to read it for more guidance in their academic journey,” she added.

The guide will offer unique and well-researched information. It will have all it takes for a student to join, go through the university life and also get a job.

It has tips for parents and students on accommodation, including a poll ranking the best hostels for anyone wishing to join the university. The three-month poll was based on students’ perceptions and was done by New Vision’s research team. The guide, which will be availed in the New Vision

 issue on Thursday, will also have content on accredited courses, universities and tuition for every course to effectively guide the students and their benefactors. The guide will also cover issues cutting across the East African region, Africa and various opportunities and offers on the global market and universities.

This time around, the guide will offer you another unique research study about graduates and employment in the country, scholarship opportunities and the accredited courses and universities. “