Stop fighting - bishop urges politicians

By Henry Nsubuga

"Fighting only puts the future of our country in suspense. You should not let us down."

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The Bishop emeritus of Lugazi diocese, Matthias Ssekamanya, has urged political leaders to resolves their issues peacefully instead of hurling insults at each other and fighting.

Ssekamanya said he was shocked to see MPs fighting and beating each other recently in the Parliament.

"Fighting only puts the future of our country in suspense. Always endeavor to listen to each other peacefully because all our eyes are on you. You should not let us down," he said.


Ssekamanya made the remarks while at Global Junior School in Mukono Municipality on Saturday. He confirmed pupils and dedicated the Primary Seven candidates.

He rebuked fathers who leave parenting to mothers.

"In schools on visitation days, I find mothers in big numbers and fathers are nowhere to be seen. At hospitals when children are sick, it is the same story. Where are the fathers?" he said.