Imposter displaced over 3,000 residents in Mubende

By Andante Okanya

The probe team was prompted to label Naava an imposter after realising that she was in possession of dubious letters of administration and land titles.

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Milly Naava Namutebi after appearing before the land probe team last week. Photo by Godiver Asege

The Land Inquiry Commission has concluded that in 2013, an imposter evicted over 3,000 Bibanja holders from 16 villages in a three-square mile land in Mubende.

On Friday, Milly Naava, 48, was branded an imposter and instigator of evictions in the villages of Kirwanyi, Nakasagazi, Kitule,Kibalagazi,Kibalagazi,Kakakanembe, Bukyamuzi, Kisombe, Mulanda, among others.

Public hearings are conducted at the Archives and Records Centre on Lourdel Road in the upscale city suburb of Nakasero.

The probe team was prompted to label Naava an imposter after realising that she was in possession of dubious letters of administration and land titles.

Justice Catherine Bamugemereire is the commission chairperson. The commissioners are Fredrick Ruhindi, Mary Oduka Ochan Robert Ssebunnya, Joyce Gunze Habaasa, Dr Rose Nakayi and George Bagonza Tinkamanyire.

Ebert Byenkya is lead counsel, John Bosco Suuza is assistant lead counsel, while Judiciary Deputy Registrar of Planning and Development Olive Kazaarwe Mukwaya, heads the secretariat.

Quizzed by Suuza to validate her claim to the land registered as Block 60 Plot 1, Buwekula, Naava said her grandmother Edith Nakabugo who died in 2007, was a daughter of the late Gabriel Mukalazi.

Naava stated that Mukalazi was a son and, therefore, beneficiary of the estate of late Zakalia Kikonyogo, who died in 1928.

She said she relocated to Kitule with her husband in 2010, but that prior in 2003, the family started making frequent trips to the area.

Asked to confirm the eviction, Suuza cited the examples of a one Stefania Nyinawabega and Cotilda Namata, who testified on Thursday and accused Naava of ruthlessness.

Naava responded that she never ignited any eviction. She said some of the people left on their own volition.

“I have never chased them. They left on their own and were never compelled,” Naava remarked.

But her response drew strong rebuke from Suuza, who said, “You are not taking us seriously,” to which Naava answered, “I did not chase anybody. I just saw them leave. When people saw soldiers digging at our home, they left.”

Suuza, who sounded unconvinced, berated her: “You are lying through your teeth. You dispatched soldiers to evict them.”

Naava maintained her innocence, saying she was subjected to intimidation and death threats from panga-wielding residents. 

She purported that two individuals, whom she only identified as Sembiro and Kirikooki, commanded mobs which threatened and destroyed her watermelon, beans and tomatoes. She said a complaint filed by her is pending at Police.

Naava said Sembiro vacated, when he assumed Police who were on patrol, were hunting for him to answer for several complaints against him.

Tasked with explaining how senior army officer Maj Eric Kigambwoha, evicted several people, Naava responded that a one Richard Mugagga;a friend to her husband, convinced her that Kigambwoha would be resourceful.

Naava said when she explained to the the family, the alliance with the army officer was endorsed. She said on seeking clarification from a Police officer, whether soldiers were allowed to engage in farming with residents, she was given greenlight.

A tough-talking Bamugemereire slammed her: “You have fitted yourself in the category of land grabbers who come with small connection and you evict people. You are not a son of Zakalia Kikonyogo. We have evidence that you are a conwoman.”

“You have created this aura that you can use army men. That is why you bribed your way onto the certificate of no objection.”