All Saints Cathedral Christians mark family day

By Mathias Mazinga

Bishop Mutebi condemned the inhuman acts of defilement, child-labour, child-trafficking and ritual murders committed against children

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The clergy and Christians cut cake to mark family day. Photos by Mathias Mazinga


The Assistant Bishop of All Saints’ Cathedral, Kampala, the Rt Rev Hannington Mutebi has asked parents to be more mindful of their "God-given responsibility" of looking after their children.

"Children are a blessing from the Lord. We are, therefore, expected to give them due holistic care.  We must find time for them and also nurture them."

Bishop Mutebi made the remarks during the All Saints Cathedral family day celebrations, which took place at the Cathedral in Nakasero on Sunday.

 Christians during the thanksgiving service

The Prelate later condemned the inhuman acts committed against children and called on the Government to protect children from vices such as defilement, child-labour, child-trafficking and ritual murders.

 Parents take part in a dancing competition

Before the thanksgiving service, the Christians, together with their clergy, staged a "prayer march-past" around Nakasero hill as a gesture of unity and solidarity.